Reaction: Supernatural (7×13)

Supernatural’s back after a long two weeks. Yes, I know, two weeks is barely a hiatus. It’s just that these last two weeks have been looooong in real life. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Oh. Joy. The blood splatter’s back. Annnnnd, gross.

I miss Baby. A lot.

An episode with a short running time usually doesn’t bode well. This one’s at least two minutes short to usual.

The good news: this episode was filled with female guests.
The bad news: this episode was filled with female guests.

^ Neither of those surprising, given a) the title (The Slice Girls) and b) the track record of Supernatural with female characters.

This episode also had The Mayor from Buffy. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Honestly, I’ll keep watching this show, but I’m not sure how much more I can talk about it without constantly rehashing why it’s just not clicking with me anymore. Some shows really do well with a core group of writers. Shows that have a deep mythology and overall arc need people in there with an idea of not only where they’re going, but where they’ve been and it seems that more and more often with Supernatural, we’re seeing new writers try to write characters they don’t know that well. So, we get flash but no substance. I miss substance. It’s like refined sugar these days – tastes good going down, but ultimately it’s going to crash your system, make you hungrier but never satisfied.

I’m just not even sure how to adequately describe the issues I had with this version of the Amazons. I just don’t get it, I guess, that their whole existence was apparently to set up in a city, procreate and kill. If that’s the rite of passage, fine, but what then? What does this group of women do besides find themselves rich, fit men to boink and get pregnant, raise miracle babies who then kill those rich, fit men? Surely, they had to have some other purpose, right?

I found the scene with Dean and Lydia very disturbing. All the close up shots of eyes and mouth. Because we’re too dumb to figure out the wordplay and lead up to happy fun sextimes without those visual cues? Ugh.

Let’s not even talk about the sex scene with regular cuts to the latest murder. Sex! Violence! Sex! Blood! Not good, people. Not edgy, not risky. Just plain gross.

Also convenient for Emma to have a nice long chat with Dean (to demonstrate how women play men so easily, clever!), when every slaying we had to watch were quick in-and-out jobs. Nope, Emma had to play the poor-me card, with cues before that to make the viewer believe she might be telling the truth (the hesitation to eat the flesh, the wincing when being branded), even after she came out and said she was there to kill Dean. Not a subtle tie back to Dean killing Amy because Sam couldn’t, having Sam be the one to shoot Emma.

Knew the police detective was in on it as quickly as I knew Lydia was an obvious set up for something. I like it when there’s some mystery, y’all.

Pray tell, how did they clean up those messes? Or did they just leave bodies and run?

No, it wasn’t a terribly great show for the female guests.

So, Bobby’s a ghost. It is a bit heartbreaking to see Dean’s obvious meltdown about this, and Sam conversely soldiering on with seemingly little emotion. I’m not sure if Sam can take the idea of Bobby being some kind of spirit, what with the whole Lucifer in his head thing. I’m guessing it might be too much for him to take, so he’s choosing to not take it. Dean, though, wants so much for Bobby to still be around because Bobby was the only real, sane person in his life anymore.

Next week looks like more Supernatural campiness. Huzzah?


  1. Nathaniel says

    “What does this group of women do besides find themselves rich, fit men to boink and get pregnant, raise miracle babies who then kill those rich, fit men? Surely, they had to have some other purpose, right?”

    Yeah, that’s really the central problem. No substance to their MOTW. They call the Amazons warriors. Warriors for what?

  2. Fairfield says

    I thought that this was one of the weakest episodes of the season. I liked the concept of a rapidly reproducing race of monsters but the whole Amazon angle made me give the rest of the episode serious-squinty eye. Perhaps they will bring them back in the future and, you know, actually give them a point, but considering SPN history I seriously doubt that.

    “…weโ€™re seeing new writers try to write characters they donโ€™t know that well.”

    Perhaps that is the root-cause of the problem (I try not to pay heed to the deafening gnashing of teeth over Sera Gamble). I remember reading a comment that Jared and Jenses had to re-write a lot of stuff this season because it was simply not what Dean and Sam would say.

  3. sbg says


    Bring them back. You’re cute. They’d probably tell us how lucky we are to have an episode filled with women, and only two of them ended up casualties. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I’m sure the writers are trying, but for me, it’s just not working. I shouldn’t have to reset my brain so much to remember who it is I’m supposed to be watching.

  4. SunlessNick says

    On another forum, I saw someone express the wish that this hadn’t been a Supernatural episode, but the pilot for “Amazon” – a series about young Amazon Emma, occasionally fighting monsters and interacting with figures of Greek myth, staying one step ahead of the murderous sisterhood she betrayed.

    I have to agree.

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