Reaction: Supernatural (7×16)

I confess to not having high hopes on this one, based on the only spoilers I had prior to watching – my cable company’s description of the episode, which was that Dean succumbed to some kind of ballerina curse. You can see why I wasn’t terribly excited for the return of Supernatural after its … which hiatus are we on now? 😉

I have to admit, after a couple of weeks of generally good-for-women (on the Supernatural scale, of course), the ballerina bloodbath at the beginning was disappointing. Expected, but disappointing. Also not digging Frank as their go-to answer man. *wibble* I miss Bobby and I want to say to Frank, “You, sir, are no Bobby Singer.”

Also miss Baby. In fact, I’m starting to consider them having to store her away one of the biggest travesties ever committed by Supernatural’s powers that be. Only halfway kidding there. I am suffering Baby and Bobby withdrawal. It ain’t pretty.

Two women dead before the fifteen minute mark, and in pretty horrific ways. At least they saved the little girl and the mother? I’d say the body count was also balanced by the hardware store owner getting killed, but I don’t think I’d be kidding anyone.

Ah, the “bitch” Leviathan real estate lady Joyce Bicklebee was a horrible stereotype in sooooo many ways, but I kind of enjoyed her anyway. I credit this almost entirely to the actress, who made her pretty enjoyable to watch. I still think the Leviathans are a ridiculous waste of a good villain premise (see also: the rise and fall (into total campiness) of the Goa’uld ala Stargate SG-1, except without any of the rising), but at least in this episode we are seeing progress on their storyline. So, Joyce was OTT camp, but George was an idiot. What kind of bad guy just hates his boss so much he wants her dead, helps the guys who will kill him next, disclose a whole bunch of information and then try to convince them to let him go? One that needs to give exposition the audience needs for them to tell us the Big Picture instead of showing it. Supernatural’s always been rather fond of anvils.

The Leviathans wanting to cure cancer actually makes sense to me. I doubt very much they are humanity’s mysterious benefactors – no, I’m thinking they would like a disease-free food source, no? First cancer, then who knows?

Frank Devereaux was no Bobby Singer, but I didn’t want him dead. Sheesh.

Supernatural has had some fantastic music cues in the past. Renegade at the end of Nightshifter (<--reigning champ for me). O Death in Two Minutes to Midnight (lessened in impact by use of the song at the beginning of the season). The cheesefest of Sam and Dean singing along to Bon Jovi. So, I have to wonder why they chose to reuse what was, at its first appearance, a pretty powerful cue – Bad Moon Rising. I’m not sure what impact they were going for here, honestly, because I doubt anything could have ever struck as hard as that semi plowing into the Impala from out of nowhere. I don’t get how the song started after Dean referenced playing soft rock for Sam to sleep to and carried all the way to Frank’s trailer, wherever it was. It just struck me as strange. Pay no mind to the SBG behind the curtain.

I appreciate that Sam’s not hiding his Lucifer troubles from Dean, though I’m not sure Dean’s really seeming to care all that much. It seems weird to me that all we’re getting from Dean is a few “well, get some sleep” comments. It’s like he’s not getting the depth of the problem, and that doesn’t seem like Dean to me. Even a Dean who’s changed and transformed into a guy who can let Sam be his own person instead of a precious perfect baby brother to protect at all costs. You can let Sam be his own person, but you can still give a damn. 😉

I enjoyed Sam’s terseness due to lack of sleep, but it’s not any less concerning. Anyone who’s had even a mild bout of insomnia (is there such a thing?) knows how it affects every little thing you do. And the worst thing about Sam’s problem is that it doesn’t matter now if he’s awake or asleep – Lucifer is there every minute of every hour of every day and it’s clearly taking a toll. I know they’re showing him trying to stay awake, and I can only assume that means sleep lowers his defenses too much.

Why do I have this feeling Sam’s going to break just as soon as they come to a tableaux with the Leviathans?

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