Reaction: Supernatural (7×17)

Well, that was …

Actually, there was a lot, lot, lot of decent stuff in this episode, leaving aside a return to the usual wholesale butchery of the unfortunate people demons possessed. They might not blink anymore when stabbing a person to death, but I still do. One point on this – what, Dean carries around the demon knife all the time? I found that odd, since demons kind of haven’t been a pest control problem for years. I suppose better safe than sorry, eh? It’s a wicked blade, so I’m sure it’s good for hunting other things.

Sorry for the digression there. Having a time focusing for weeks now. /O\

Poor Sam. I appreciate that he went downhill so fast, after letting Lucy in. Seemed pretty realistic to me, and surreal. What I didn’t like is how he made it seem like it was Dean’s fault. I know, five days of no sleep, and you’re gonna say anything, but that was cold. “This is what happens, Dean, when you choose to do this to me.” was how it could definitely be read. Which, of course, isn’t strictly true. Sam might be right as rain if Castiel hadn’t made the walls come tumblin’ tumblin’.

And yet somehow through it all, Sam manages to also banish a ghost. Wow, what a guy. Oh, Sera Gamble.

Dean’s angst, I finally believed it. Not like days of old school Supernatural, mind you, but closer. Between watching Sam just give up and then to find Castiel alive, this was a pretty emotional episode for him. You could see his concern for Sam, and also his discomfort with Emmanuel/Castiel, with all those mixed feelings. It was a leeeetle bit cheesy that he’d keep the trench in the vehicle of the week’s trunk.

Meg! And she didn’t get dead. I think she and Crowley are bidding for the Energizer Demon Award or something. She seemed different – I can’t tell if that’s the same actress from S5 or not. Anyway, shame on Sam and Dean for acknowledging Meg knew where Castiel was at the end, and then just leaving. Of course she’s going to work that angle. She’s Meg!

And Castiel. You all know I’ve never been his number one fan, but I thought it cruel and unusual punishment to bring him back, amnesiac until the last five minutes of his appearance and then have him take Sam’s place in Crazyland. I do hope we’ll see him overcome somehow, and that it’s not the end of him. We’ll see what Meg does – with him so vulnerable, she could turn him easy and all that power. Poor Castiel. He doesn’t deserve that. I think in a way it’s worse than bringing characters back to simply kill them.

The resolution to Sam’s going crazy was too pat, and kind of a let down.


  1. Fairfield says

    I quite liked the episode too. Lucy was very entertaining as usual, some of the Cass & Meg lines were hilarious, and I liked the choice of music for Cass doing his demon-pow thing — very pretty song.

    It’s the same actress playing Meg from S5. What threw you off is the fact that she has physically changed so much because the actress is apparently on steroids to help with some major back issues. Considering her change the back trouble must be very severe, she must be really suffering. :(

    Of course, the trolling on the forums about this has been utterly disgusting with a whole bunch of ableist (is that the right word in this context? please correct me if wrong) morons saying that her role should have been recast because she has put on weight, is ugly, and doesn’t look “normal” anymore.

    That really ticked me off because she has probably fought through a lot of pain to get back on the show and this is how a lot of fans react. Gah.

  2. sbg says


    The change in her appearance was definitely noticeable, and medication was my first thought – but not knowing, I just wasn’t sure (eta: if that was her, or someone with an eerie resemblance). People can be so cruel – she did a bang up job maintaining that Megness; after a couple of years between appearances, I’d imagine that’s tough to do.

  3. Nathaniel says

    Man, anything that would require that level of body change as a side effect could not be fun. My sympathies for her.

    And honestly, while I hope otherwise, my expectations for Supernatural are as such I fully expect nothing more to come from Castiel.

  4. Patrick McGraw says

    The ableist and misogynistic fan reaction was pretty repulsive. My sympathies as well. I have personal experience with steroid-based body changes (transplant patient) and it sucks.

  5. Kex says

    Yeah, I was kind of meh about this episode. I was, bizarrely enough, bored even though I like Cas. Fan reactions this time have been horrible. About Meg and all the misogyny aimed at Cas’s wife (by the way, wanna take bet about if we will eeever hear from her again. I’m guessing no). I’m feeling a bit despondent about this show. The emo is killing my soul.

  6. sbg says


    I had to wonder why Daphne was even there, for how quickly she disappeared. I actually hope that means we’ll see her again. I mean, FFS, her husband rode off with a strange man to heal another strange man and never returned. What’s she gonna do, just carry on with regular life?

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