Reaction: Supernatural (7×18)

Of all the characters to bring back, they bring back … Garth.

At least we know they didn’t just ditch Castiel in the psych ward, but I would have sworn Meg applying for a job was supposed to be some secretive plot of hers. Clearly not. My guess is she’ll keep the boys in the loop unless Castiel starts becoming less vegetable-like. Incidentally, how did Sam manage to survive so long with Lucifer but Castiel went catatonic pretty much instantly?

The actual case wasn’t half bad, fairly interesting. I don’t know enough about the Shojo to know how spectacularly Supernatural coopted the mythology, but I would expect there were some liberties taken. To be honest, I’m not sure I followed the whole thing closely enough to get why the original dead suicide guy unleashed a monster to kill kids, how anyone could justify killing people because he lost his business. But I suppose, even in fiction people don’t make a lot of sense.

Garth. You know, I could have handled the comic relief. (Seriously, though, that little pipsqueak really should have been dead long before we ever even met him.) It was that he was the one to break the Ghost!Bobby thing wider open. I like that Sam initially did research this, or tried to, when that first weird thing happened and that he didn’t say anything because, well, he was kind of nuts at the time and what would Dean have said about it?

Nice to see Dean and Sam on almost an even keel for a change. Definitely nice to have Sam crazy-free, and his regret and guilt for only obtaining it by having someone else take the weight of it. Well, not nice on the latter, per se. You know what I mean.

I wonder why Bobby can’t make them see him, but I guess we’ll find that out in three or four weeks. Another stupid hiatus. *kicks a wall and mumbles about good old days, just for appearances*

Let’s see – gender and race wise. Well, I’m not sure what to say about the Japanese chef (was that a sushi place – I honestly wasn’t paying that close attention to the episode this week) suddenly being able to bless the samurai sword. But he survived, so points there. Women – I think there were three with speaking parts, and two survived. Not too bad for a show like this. I liked the little girl, though I remain skeptical a real life kid would respond to a sock puppet. That whole thing was weird.

Thighslapper? Really, now.

Also, the wee cabby = one of the best guest actors ever.


  1. Nathaniel says

    Well, have we ever known Angels to be remarkably stable psychologically? Greater strength physically doesn’t mean better equipped mentally.

  2. Patrick McGraw says

    The writers seem to be mixing the Shojo (which is generally nonviolent and mostly interested alchohol) with Japanese ghost legends, in which the ghosts of suicides and murder victims are often indiscriminately malevolent.

  3. Patrick McGraw says


    Supernatural definitely has a hit-and-miss record with mythology, but it’s been better than most monster-of-the-week shows. It was much better in the early seasons. I was sometimes able to figure things out before the Winchesters did (such as the episode where the “ghost” turned out to be a tulpa), or was surprised to see an episode use mythology instead of the pop-culture-osmosis version of a monster. (Notably the wendigo episode, which is the only time I’ve ever seen a wendigo look like a wendigo instead of a sasquatch, or have the “melt its heart” aspect featured.)

  4. Nathaniel says


    You could make an argument. Essentially angels seem to be incredibly rigid in their thinking, with Cas describing his attempts to explain free will “like making fish understand poetry.” Lucifer for all his evil seemed to be about the only angel who was able to make a choice beyond whose plan to follow. At least before Cas anyways.

  5. says

    You could make the argument that Sam had the benefit of the entire wall thing, the craziness slowly leaked, while Castiel took a full hit. Sam’s craziness only went extreme when the wall was gone.

    The Japanese chef was also reading some scroll thing, and simply followed the directions. (It’s like the boys using rosaries and blessing the water in the sprinklers in the final showdown before Dean went to hell.)

    But I’m a pretty big fan, though for a while during both Season 7 and 8, I almost quit.

    Good points, though. Totally made me look back on the show more critically.

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