Reaction: Supernatural (7×19)

Son of a goat, I had a whole post written and WordPress logged me out without my consent, and before a draft was saved. *weeps*

I’ll sum up, because it’s late and I’m tired and whatnot.

1) Annie, a newly made up old hunter friend, calls the boys and we find out (hahaha, brace yourselves, because this is fuh-nny!) that at some point during the course of their made up history, she slept with Bobby, Dean AND Sam. Commence the wink-wink, nudge-nudge “what a slut, but we can’t SAY that” insinuations. Really, Supernatural, was that necessary? Rhetorical, because I know the answer is NO. Oh, and they killed her off within three minutes. But don’t worry, she got to play Ghost Olympics with Bobby. The huge shame of the whole thing, I think, was that Annie was actually a very cool character. She was tough, smart (except for getting gutted four seconds after walking into a known haunted house), and levelheaded. Come to think of it, she was an awful lot like the lovechild of Ellen Harvelle and Sheriff Jodie Mills. Boilerplate?

2) Supernatural passed Bechdel in this one as Victoria, the fancy lady, and Annie had several interactions. Well, it tiptoed toward passing. This modest achievement was pretty much canceled out by the repeated “fancy lady? you mean hooker?” comment and the fact that, well, both Vicky and Annie got killed.

3) I should have been super excited for a Bobby-heavy episode. You all know how I feel about him. I guess I find Ghost Olympics boring. Mostly, though, it’s that I don’t agree with his decision to stick around. Dean was not wrong in that classic end episode car conversation. We all know what happens when they start mucking with the supernatural. “Don’t worry, Dean, I don’t trust Ruby.” and “Don’t worry, Dean, I can lick that devil and do it alone.” <– Okay, so that one actually worked. Except not really so much at all, in the end. Mostly, also, I don’t agree with the Supernatural PTB for killing him off in the first place.


  1. Fairfield says

    It felt like there was a lot of unspoken condemnation of sexual women in this episode. There was absolutely no need for it (not to mention the utter hypocrisy at play). Just checked who wrote the episode and it was the same person that did the Amazon episode, explains a lot really.

    It was an okay episode, nothing great, the only real highlight for me was that incredible hotel room the boys were staying in. Someone ought to do a retrospective one day detailing all of the hideous rooms they have stayed in.

  2. sbg says


    Oh, there was massive, massive unspoken condemnation going on. This is, of course, not surprising at all. It’s just always very disappointing to me at the same time, because I’m apparently too stupid to not expect any better.

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