Reaction: Supernatural (7×20)

You all know how I feel when Supernatural makes an episode more guest star heavy than Sam and Dean heavy, but at least this time it was Felicia Day (she’s not typecast, is she? *wink*). And she made it through the entire episode. Which I liked, for the most part.

Charlie: oh my, I feel a bit verklempt about a female guest that is smart and spunky and not heterosexual (and they didn’t make that that into a joke, as contrasted with last week’s also great guest female and the sleeping around thing or as a “surprise reveal” like the gay couple in that convention episode a few years ago). Yes, she had some pretty stereotypical geekitude things going on, but again – not at the expense of her awesomeness. When Sam coached her through her bout of fear for the B&E on the biggest monster they know about right now using her love of Harry Potter’s Hermoine, it was because Sam, too, knew that Hermoine is a hero to a lot of people for good reason. Even Dean talking her through flirting with the security guard was light on the jokiness of it.

I gotta say, it was refreshing.

I still missed Sam and Dean having more than bit parts in their own show, but it made sense. They can’t just waltz in and fight like they normally would. It’ll be interesting to see how they keep dealing with that.

Bobby: Uh oh. For a second there, it looked to me like Sam and Dean stood a good chance of provoking the vengeful spirit in him. It’s obvious Bobby’s hurt by the boys’ well-reasoned concerns, but I find that honestly confounding. Bobby should know as well as any hunter that they’re right, which kind of means he’s already compromised. I just hate this. It can’t end well, and if it does, I’m not sure I’ll buy what they’re selling.

I liked the bit where they were stealing the red clay from Dick. Very slick, old school Supernatural with a Leverage twist.

Speaking of red clay, I wonder what that’s about. Tiamat?


  1. Nathaniel says

    Its really hit me that we’re near end of season now. Which makes it all the more clear that this season has been crap at building tension towards a climax. Its felt more meandering than any season since season 1, and that’s saying a lot considering season 6.

  2. sbg says


    Heh, yeah. Factor in that S1 was, I think, intentionally meandering “road trip with my brother, MoTW style”…

    Rocks fall, everyone dies.

  3. SunlessNick says

    I liked the bit where they were stealing the red clay from Dick. Very slick, old school Supernatural with a Leverage twist.

    Maybe the bit taken from Adam wasn’t used to make Eve after all.

  4. Fairfield says

    I think that they were trying to get back to the “golden age” of the show, generally regarded as 1-4 (perhaps 5 too) but they got the balance of stand-alone versus season-arc completely wrong. It’s a fine line and I have no doubt that it’s genuinely challenging to get it right but even with 2 episodes to go I feel fairly confident in saying that they got it wrong this time round.

    As for this episode I agree with everything you wrote about Charlie, it was one of the most refreshingly non-bitter or judgemental takes on a female character in SPN that we have seen for a long, long time; the difference a change of writer makes, eh?

    It cements my opinion that one of SPNs biggest problems at the moment is the roster of writers. The show has absolutely no flow. It’s a shame that Gamble appears to have fallen on her sword for the problems plaguing SPN, I imagine that the issue goes well past her.

  5. kex says

    I loved Charlie. I mean, I really sat and was happy for an entire episode. And they really made me fear for her life. I maintain that we need new characters like this, so the show gets a bigger cast. And they should bring back sheriff Mills when they are at it! I saw that Gamble is getting replaced. If the show gets renewed I really wonder if that will make any difference. Like Fairfield said, I do believe that the issue goes well past her. I did see an interview with I believe it was Robert Singer that said that they were cutting down on the emo next season, and boy do I hope that that is true.

  6. sbg says


    Really? I think the last several years haven’t been very emo at all, but maybe that’s because I’m just not quite feeling it anymore. Compare it to, oh, S2 or 3 and it’s really been emo-light. I mean, I still wibble at the ending to Houses of the Holy, for example. I haven’t outright wibbled at Supernatural since S4.

  7. kex says

    Yeah, but I still think these last season has been very much about Dean Winchesters emo. Oh sure, that started in season 4 already, but I had an easier time swallowing that since the storyline was going somewhere.
    Back in the first seasons they were still, how should I put it, maybe normal enough that any loss they went through really felt real. Now, well they have lost every single person they love except each other and they have both been to hell for years. The show can never top that, so when Dean or Sam goes all teary-eyed (but let’s face it, it is mostly Dean) I just roll my eyes.
    This season for example Cas died, Bobby died, Bobby’s house burnt down, Dean had a daughter whom they had to kill, Dean killed Amy and was emo about it, Sam had mental breakdowns over Lucifer, they lose the car, Frank dies (ok, not the world’s greatest trauma), Bobby comes back as a ghost, Cas comes back and does not remember, Cas remembers but takes all memories of hell and all this has basically been about Deans emo. Oh, Sam does get some to but, well most Dean. It is not particularly cheerful. I remember the seasons where only one major thing sucked. It was easier to take in.
    I can be that I am unfair and have repressed the angst from the first seasons, but right now I feel as the show is drowning in sad. And don’t get me started on season 6!

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