Reaction: Supernatural (7×21)

I confess to having watched this one in kind of a haze. Sometimes it’s difficult for me to concentrate. This week has been a bear in that regard.

Oh, look, it’s a matched set of the stereotypical overachiever Asian kids! Once I managed to stop rolling my eyes over that (oh, Supernatural, really? I give points for PoC casting, but have to take them away when you do stuff like that.), I really liked Kevin Tran. Poor kid was completely out of his element and tossed into a wholly unbelievable situation, but he managed to keep it pretty well together. I mean, obvious freak outs and frequent yelps aside, he did all right. I really hope he’ll be okay; did not like how it ended, as far as his and his mother’s safety is concerned.

Meg. I really enjoy Meg’s tenacity. Dare I say it, her character growth. Never would have pictured me saying that about her, honestly, as she’s always seemed rather straightforward with her hatred of the Winchesters and that was her schtick. The changes have been happening for some time, of course, but I like how she had a well-reasoned argument and also saved the day several times over. Not that I trust her or think Sam and Dean should trust her either, but she’s earned their cautious respect.

One note: when she went to pretend double-cross Castiel and the Winchesters and had that little convo with Billy Bob and Buck the demons-of-the-week, I thought they summed up quite well what’s been wrong with this whole Leviathan thing for me by calling the Winchesters old news. Not the focus anymore, essentially, yes? Sure, Sam and Dean are trying to save the world as Supernatural knows it (again), but outside of avenging Bobby (an angle that seems dull for me, as in hard to connect with even as a big Bobby lover), what does that mean to them? Nothing. There’s a pretty significant lack of personal Winchester connection to this story arc, and that’s a problem, IMO. Do I wan them to save the world? Of course, but without that personal stake, I also don’t care. Weird. I’m a weirdo, right?

Castiel’s like an angelic Walter Bishop now, eh? Not crazy, eccentric. There’s a certain wonder in it, I suppose, but I’m not sure what it means or if we’ll see him again. I completely LOLed when he reached over and booped Kevin Tran’s nose, though. Granted, I’ve never been the guy’s number one fan, but I think that might be my all time favorite Castiel moment.

Hester. I was disappointed they 1) made her that same kind of vigilant, angry angel like Rachel was and 2) also like Rachel, killed her for it. Question: Will a strong, female-bodied angel ever survive the Supernatural universe? So far, Supernatural has been piss poor in how the heavenly ladies are treated. Anna went rogue and then lost it, died. Rachel was unbending and strong and about as anti-Winchester as Uriel, died. Hester … well, you saw. Come on, Show, be more creative.

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