Reaction: Supernatural (7×22)

You know, I still hate the Leviathan plot. I still think they’re a tad over the top and silly, but I have to say that the guy playing Dick Roman has that slimeball charm thing down pat. He’s creepy, yet oddly fascinating to watch. Or is it just me?

Poor Kevin Tran. Are we really to believe they let his mom go just like that? Him too? Sure, who’s going to believe them if they told the truth, but it just seemed a little like letting the sweater unravel there.

I officially hate the Bobby-is-a-ghost thing. It’s just … it’s Bobby. I don’t like that they killed him, but I like even less that they’re going to turn him into an involuntary monster that either goes to the light himself or the boys have to kill him. Even if I’m not feeling Supernatural the same way I used to, that’s crappy. Also, there was a non-bad ghost in the Winchesters’ past – that one that was stuck in a neverending loop with the guy she and her husband accidentally ran over. Of course, she never knew she was a ghost, so I suppose she didn’t count. Also, if Bobby could leave them to scout at the alpha vamp’s house, what good is them leaving the flask somewhere and then going off to talk without him being able to follow?

Ah, the virgin girl locked up in the all pink room and is secretly in on the whole thing. Don’t really have much to say about that, because it’s fairly obvious as far as these things go. It would have been nice had Sam and Dean wondered why she was so all-fired calm about being held captive and pure for a vampire’s feeding routine. I know they said Stockholm Syndrome, but come on, heroes.

Alpha vamp: see you next season. Oh, subtle, Supernatural. So subtle. I knew before that that since we had two PoC, one of them was going to be dead before the end of the episode.

Hmmm, Crowley. Are we going to be able to trust him?

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