Reaction: Supernatural (7×23)

I meant to say this last week: what is up with Dean’s jacket? He already HAD a leather jacket, and one with character. It was worn and rugged and tough. Yeah, yeah, it was from the old days, before they retconned John completely into Bad Father so Bobby could be Good Father. Harumph.

There was a lot going on this episode, but I thought it hung together pretty well. Perhaps a bit rushed, but that’s what happens when you’ve got so many loose threads.

Bobby – see, I knew he would eventually have to go. I’m glad they didn’t make it a violent end, but it all seemed so pointless. If he’d stuck around and actually been able to do something other than realize he shouldn’t have stuck around, maybe it’d have been okay. But that isn’t what happened. Supernatural killed him off, exploited our emotions a bit, and then killed him off again. I steadfastly maintain my opinion that the whole thing was an utter waste.

Meg. I never thought I’d love Meg, she being an evil demon and all, but I actually do. “He was your boyfriend first.” Bwahaha. Cute. I fear for her safety. Will we see her again? Will she still be friendly to the Winchesters, or blame them for getting her in Crowley’s crosshairs? I can’t remember why he wants her dead or suffering so much. Is she that powerful? I hope so. It would be interesting and a bit terrifying for her to take over the reigns as the queen of hell.

Castiel. Poor, crazy Castiel. “Doesn’t this place feel one species short?” I thought there would be more to his reluctance to help out than guilt, though. Glad he came through in the end. Well, not the very end, but I suspect he’ll come through at the very beginning of next year where that’s concerned.

Yeah, I didn’t figure Kevin Tran would have been let go. I wonder if his mom made it, or if she was eaten. Money’s on the latter. Or, we’ll never find out, because she, of course, doesn’t matter. I was a tad disturbed by the complacent little blonde girl I pegged as a sacrifice from the moment she set a placid foot in Kevin’s cell. Why exactly was she put in there, anyway? It was a big facility – was there a reason Kevin had to see her, other than to steal a hairpin so he could break out and overhear the Big Master Plan?

Anyway, Polly and her being a sacrificial lamb really creeped me out, though I did laugh a little bit that the Big Master Plan was to send a bunch of nonfat creamer laced with lethal drugs to Hollywood to kill off all the skinny people. I know, I shouldn’t have laughed at that. It was a nervous reaction, I swear.

Crowley. Now, who didn’t know that he’d doublecross? He’s a conniving, smarmy little jerk, isn’t he? I enjoy him, but I really hope by series end (will Supernatural ever end – please, Show, I love you, but all good things should end before they become so bad it hurts) that he gets some comeuppance.

So, they killed Dick rather easily, but there’s still a metric shit ton of Levianthan out there to kill. Not only that, but Dick had a death curse of sorts and dragged Castiel and Dean into Purgatory, leaving our little Sammy all alone in the world. So, they’ve got to find a way out, Sam needs to figure out where they are and get them out, Sam has to rescue Kevin Tran (because I like Kevin, damn it, the poor kid) and Meg and… It’s a lot.

And I heard that Supernatural is moving to Wednesdays in the autumn.


  1. Fairfield says

    The finale definitely felt a little rushed and normally that would not bother me too much but when you’ve had 23 episodes to tell a story — 23!! — and you can’t manage to convey a complete narrative with decent pacing, well…that’s not great.

    I think that Season 7 has been a mess: the balance of quality, filler vs season arc, character development (what development) has been all over the place. And yet, despite this, I have enjoyed it much more than Season 6 (which I think was truly, truly awful.)

    With (yet) another new executive producer in charge for Season 8 we might see a lot of its problems fixed but I’m not going to hold my breath. The new person in charge needs to shrug off the chains of fanservice and tell a complete story that isn’t afraid of stepping on the toes of the fandom.

    Rachel Miner and Kim Rhodes promoted to series regulars would be fantastic but I don’t think they have the budget for that, or much of anything really. I think that Supernatural has managed to last this long primarily because of how cheap it is and I don’t see them getting a cash boost for S8.

  2. kex says

    You know, if I could make a wish it would be that Rachel Miner, Kim Rhodes and Felicia Day all became series regulars. Then suddenly the show would have an awesome female cast with very distinct characters. This of course will never happen and I will be hugely disappointed when season 8 comes but a girl can dream. For the episode: What the hell was the deal with Bobby? Talk about totally and absolutely wasting this whole ghost thing. It wasn’t even a part of the main plot. Why would they even do that?! Aghhh. And since when can ghosts possess people that long?? Not to mention that the whole bottle burning was the most anticlimactic thing ever. And Dean didn’t even cry. I am getting seriously sick of his slightly wet eyes.

    As for the season, I think it started off brilliantly and then went all over the place. I will never forgive them for the Amy thing. And oh look, they worked with Crowely again. Apparently that’s allowed when THEY are saving the world.

    Meg was absolutely the best thing in the episode. I have always loathed her character but now I love her. And the actress who plays her is fantastic. She could carry her own show!

    Finishing thoughts: I do notice that I am getting less and less inclined to cut Dean slack. I more often than not find him to be a genuinely unpleasant character. I thought about that the previous episode when that poor prophet kid had a breakdown and Dean started to whine about angels. Yes Dean, we get it you are mad at Cas. The kid does not care about that right now.

  3. sbg says


    I honestly have a difficult time remembering large plot points from late S5 on, to be honest. With this season, especially, they seemed so directionless. Even after Bobby died and it became about vengeance (for Dean, anyway), it didn’t really feel imperative.

    I have to wonder, at this stage in the the game when both leads have changing and growing personal lives, if a new showrunner is going to make much difference. I know Padalecki probably wants time to spend with his kid, and Ackles probably wants to have a kid, and I don’t begrudge any of that.

    It just comes to this: if the hearts aren’t in it, no matter the reason, then it should stop.

  4. sbg says


    OMG, I’d almost completely forgotten how incredibly stoked I was after the second episode of the season. I really thought, at that point, that things were gonna get good again. Then it just didn’t. :(

  5. Fairfield says


    I think that you’re absolutely correct about Jensen and Padalecki. They have a lot going on and they have been doing SPN for a long, long time. I certainly couldn’t begrudge them from being bored and wanting to move on (the performances this year have certainly reflected a lack of engagement with the material, which is sad to see.)

    Perhaps, like you say, it is time for SPN to come to a close.

    Or they could do a Doctor Who and change the leads? I happen to love the world of SPN and most of the lore, is it possible that new hunters could work? I would absolutely kill for what Kex suggested: Sheriff Jody Mills + Charlie + Meg spin-off? Yes, please. If anything, SPN owes us that for how it has treated the female characters over the years.

  6. kex says


    Oh man, a spin off show with Judy, Meg and Charlie. That… That would be epic. That would actually be more than epic; it could potentially be one of the best shows ever.
    Seriously, the Spn mythos is great, the problem right now is that it is extremely hard to do something new with Sam and Dean. So much have happened to them and they have been involved with so much world saving that it is hard to place them in exciting new situations. They have both been to hell and everyone they have ever loved has died at least once. What could you possibly threaten them with that is worse than that. Not to mention that they are locked in a very distinct relationship. Don’t get me wrong, I do love Sam and Dean’s brotherly bond, but I don’t think it really can evolve that much passed this point. They love each other more than everything and they are maybe a bit unhealthily codependent. They have argued and felt betrayed by each other and really worked through the whole Dean must protect Sam at all costs (I think one of the problems past season five is that that ending also provided a satisfactory ending to Deans obsession with Sam as someone to protect at all cost. I am not saying that he wouldn’t still give up everything for Sam, just that by letting Sam sacrificing himself for the world Dean finally acknowledge Sam as a grown up capable of his own decisions.)
    Judy, Meg and Charlie on the other hand would interact beautifully and to see relationships being created between them would be awesome. Besides, since they are new to hunting and new to working together it would be ok if they messed up sometimes. On the other hand, seeing Dean and Sam doing rookie mistakes is absolutely unforgivable at this point. And there would be a much more reasonable explanation as to why they manage to stay of the radar of law enforcement and have money. Hello, Charlie is like the ultimate computer genius, she could fix things like that in her sleep. And the arcs! Meg for example could have a beautiful moral redemption arc and Charlie would really be a fish out of water in the whole physical side of hunting and… Ok, I will shut up now. BUT IT COULD BE SO AWESOME!! And yes, after all these dead (or evil, or both) women, we have earned this.

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