Reaction: Supernatural (8×01)

Oh dear. I almost forgot about this show! (I did not forget about Fringe, but certain personal life upheavals and changes (not bad) have kind of sucked my brain out, so there’ll be a double post on Friday or Saturday … or Sunday for that one, as I need to re-watch.) Sadly the personal life upheavals have less to do with me almost forgetting Supernatural as, well, waning love does. I’m starting to think there’s no such thing as a perfect television relationship, no happily ever after. 😉

I think I hate time jumps. I’m pretty sure they’re massively anti-climactic and in this case, completely full of crap. Context might be forthcoming, but at initial watching I’m finding it hard to swallow that Sam would simply not look for Dean. Like, at all. WTF. The not hunting any longer, I totally get that. Dean was really self-righteous about the missed calls from Kevin Tran. Not wrong, mind you, but not helping the already crappy situation.

Flashbacks do not make up for a year missed. I’m voting for a do-over. Instead of the seemingly bottomless well of Dean’s manpain and Sam’s rather threadbare storyline (he hit a dog, found a woman? Left the woman for apparently a reason we’ll learn of in another flashback), I want to see Sam looking for Dean and Cas and I want Sam getting Dean and Cas out. I want to see Dean and Cas fighting their way out. I want that year (or less than a year in this particular case) done in real time, not flashbacks. I want to see Kevin Tran’s journey. I don’t want the Year of the Flashback.

I am creeped out with Dean colluding with a bad guy, so I suppose that’s something? Maybe it will improve upon re-watch, but this episode felt flat to me.

As far as race and gender issues, it’s more of the same. I didn’t expect anything different. Didn’t care for the college girls portrayal even if one of them was a demon at the time – and both died. I found the vet/Amelia unnecessarily bitter or something – and she changed Sam’s life and gave him that coveted heteronormative couplehood for a while. All very exciting.

I think I might finally break up with this show.

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