Reaction: Supernatural (8×05)

I enjoyed the episode tonight. I’m still feeling a bit like we’re watching a different show. Not that it’s a bad thing; change is good and going forward is vital for a show as old as Supernatural is. The problem I’m having is that in the past when the show went into certain directions, the core of it remained Sam and Dean. I’m hoping that they’re slowly getting to that, but honestly, as much as I enjoyed this episode for what it was, I also found myself checking the clock.

Has Sam lost some of his bulky muscles or is it just me? Nicely played, Padalecki, if so. A year of non-hunting would probably mean he didn’t need to maintain the beefcake. (The problem with this is that in the godawful boring early flashbacks he also looks less muscular.)

While we’re on Sam, he has pretty eyes. Also, this flashback stuff of his had better start showing relevance soon. Because if it doesn’t and it’s just him, a dog and a woman? I am disappoint. With Supernatural, you never know. So I’m hoping.

The parallel between Benny’s backstory and Sam’s year off might be a clue or foreshadowing or something? If so, hopefully not the outcome. I found that whole thing a bit cliche, to be honest, and kind of figured Andrea would have her head lopped off the second she came down the stairs. First, because. Second, I already know the statistics aren’t good when it comes to women and people of color surviving to the end of any episode.

So, we’re being shown that Castiel didn’t get out because he and Benny convinced Dean that it the portal out wouldn’t allow him. I wonder if that means he never made it all the way there, that Dean finally agreed to ditch him.

There were at least glimmers of something here. Sam pretty much freaking out at not being able to reach Dean finally shows us that, yeah, he didn’t simply go set up house with Amelia. Couldn’t have, I don’t think. I wish like hell they’d pace this all better, though.

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