Reaction: Supernatural (8×06)

It seems silly to do a reaction post for Supernatural in the wake of Election Tuesday here in the US, but here we go anyway.

You know what? While I get Dean’s perspective about Benny and Purgatory changing him, I have to side with Sam here. It’s like all the things Dean used to harp on Sam about he now does himself, and sees no reason to divulge information. Sure, he’s hurt about Sam moving on like they always said they should if one died and neither had accomplished fully before, but come on. He’s being a tad hypocritical.

Ugh. Garth. I didn’t like him much when he was a bumbler, but now he’s Nu!Bobby. DO NOT WANT. I also do not ever want to see him eat food again. *shudder* Blood spatter I can handle. Partially masticated food is really not okay.

The wife is totally the wife from S2’s Croatoan, isn’t she? Am I nuts? Looks just like her.

Ugh. Sam’s flashbacks. I’m not enjoying Amelia’s characterization at all. Yes, her story is sad, blah, blah. I just don’t know what TPTB are thinking with this storyline.

Oh, NO they did not use Fell On Black Days again and for a damn montage. That is not okay.

Knew the second the specter was all about grudges that Dean would end up with the object and go after Sam (this might have been revealed on the teaser, but I didn’t see the teaser). I say again: Dean’s being kind of a dick about that whole thing and I love the boys together, but had to take Sam’s side at the end as well. And if that’s what Dean really thinks about Sam, well… yeah, that is pretty shitty (especially tossing the soulless time back in his face, like that was actually Sam), given all the ways Sam has paid for those missteps repeatedly over the years. It’s like there is literally nothing he can do that’s good enough for Dean.

This episode was pretty boring. And white.

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