Reaction: Supernatural (8×07-9)

I have kind of only been watching Supernatural with half an eye lately. Last week’s made me laugh out loud in spots and there are aspects of the show that have improved since the season opener. Still not fond of how colorful and softly lit Sam’s flashbacks are. Still fond of all the flashbacks, full stop, actually.

But I’m starting to actually, really hate Dean. It’s like years of always being the “right” one have made him into this giant asshole, especially when it comes to Sam. Sam’s made mistakes. Absolutely, but he’s always trying to move forward, while Dean refuses to let go of the past, all the wrongs done to poor little him. I’m finding him very difficult to sympathize with, while at the start of the year I was totally in agreement and WTFing about Sam just setting up house with a woman.

Speaking of women, I want the Amelia/Sam/Don storyline to have never existed, please. Cliche, much?

I’d go on about the race and gender issues in the last few episodes, but that’s a bit like beating a dead horse. It’s funny, though, how there seem to be no people of color in a Louisiana town (except the one woman, who was corpsified), or a Texas town.

Anyway, I think I just needed to vent finally, even if no one else is watching. 😉

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