Republican word twisting

While I’ve never been remotely satisfied with the Democrats, I utterly despise the Republicans for being hypocritical narcissists who hate on everybody but themselves. Twisting words has always been one of their gambits – specifically, co-opting terms from marginalized movements (see third-wave feminism, and the whole “blow job empowerment” debacle – that was theirs). I imagine it goes something like this: “Why, those ungrateful little shits! Let’s turn it around on them and see how it makes them feel!” But I’m going to keep this complaint very short.

Dear Republicans,

  • Rich people enjoying more money and lower taxation than ever before are not job creators. Job creators are people who hire people (preferably on US soil, for a change), and many of them are not in the 1%. Oh, that’s right – you hate small business just like you hate the middle class. I hope they remember to hate you, too, this November.
  • Demands that rich people pay their share do not constitute class warfare. Class warfare is when you systematically transfer the burdens of the upper class onto the lower classes over thirty years, and then have the indecency to suggest anyone who complains wants to hurt rich people.
  • Social Security and Medicare are not entitlement. Entitlement is a shit like you, sitting around thinking that “poor” is when you can’t afford to send your kids to the best private grade school anymore.

But if you really want to insist on continuing this practice, then let’s turn it around. Republicans are trying to make problems sound like opportunities, and the privileged sound like the persecuted. Let’s take the nice, neutral sounding term “Republican” and replace it with something that represents how we’d like the rest of the world to see them. Registered sex offenders, perhaps. That should cause them some trouble.

Or we could just go with what they really are: spoiled, entitled, privileged little shits who are so afraid someday they’ll be forced to give up the lion’s share in exchange for a fair share that they would rather destroy a world superpower than try to pretend to be reasonable adults.

And if you buy into this particular line of bullshit, then you are either extremely selfish or extremely stupid, and in either case, rather a useless burden to society.

That is all, thank you.


  1. M.C says

    What the US need is a strong Socialist Party.
    I know, the Republicans would still be the pivileged little shits they are, but then there would at least be some politicians calling them out on it. Because right now it sure doesn’t look like any Democrats are doing that.

  2. Patrick McGraw says

    I’d much prefer a strong Social Democrat party, but at least a Socialist party would remind Americas what “left” actually is.

  3. sbg says


    You said the S word. There’s a gigantic amount of fear re: socialism in this country, to the point I really doubt anyone actually knows what the word means. They just have a Pavlovian response to it due to that whole Republican knack for 1) twisting words and 2) fearmongering.

    Generally speaking, anyway. I’m sure there are exceptions, but I’ll be arsed if I can think of one. I don’t think Obama’s done a fantastic job, but I also think he would be able to do a much better job had he not spent the last three years dealing with the Republicans, who threw up walls and pitched fits at just about everything, and who will continue to do so until they convince everyone that everything is his and his party’s fault; it has nothing to do with them because they’re all Amurrican and for the people.

  4. says

    sbg: There’s a gigantic amount of fear re: socialism in this country, to the point I really doubt anyone actually knows what the word means. They just have a Pavlovian response to it due to that whole Republican knack for 1) twisting words and 2) fearmongering.

    YES, THIS. People say “That’s just socialism!” You say, “Yes, and? Why is that a bad thing?” People: (gasp) “Because it’s socialism!” They don’t even know what’s supposedly wrong with socialism.

    As for Obama, he’s done some really interesting things while Congress was busy blockading him on the big stuff: no co-pay birth control, clearing the way for gays to serve openly in the military. And I just heard yesterday on NPR that the freshman Republicans who have been a significant part of why he can’t get anything done have failed to raise half what the Democrats have raised for their re-election campaigns. Older Republicans have taken them aside and told them they must spend more time on raising funds. Hopefully, (1) they’ll spend more time on fund-raising and less time on blockading Obama or (2) they won’t spend the time on fund-raising, and as a result, someone with the maturity of at least an 8 year old will replace them (and that’ll be an improvement of 6 very crucial years in brain development).

    Additionally, I can’t be the only one who thinks that pure racism is part of what’s behind this absolute refusal to work with Obama, right? Am I? I just can’t ever recall seeing white dudes take such a staunch line against another white dude on Capital Hill, and the obvious answer that springs to mind is that Obama is not their idea of a white dude.

  5. says

    Jennifer Kesler: Additionally, I can’t be the only one who thinks that pure racism is part of what’s behind this absolute refusal to work with Obama, right?

    My uncle is a Tea Partier. One time he forwarded me an email containing a picture of Obama in front of an American flag, not saluting it. (Logic fail, by the way: you’re not required to hold the salute the entire time you’re before a flag and the photo could easily have been snapped after he dropped the salute.) The photo’s caption said that Obama was so unpatriotic as to disrespect the flag because he was a “racial slur”. I emailed my uncle back and called him out on the slur. His excuse was that he forgot that word was in there before forwarding it to me. The fact that he forgot or just plain didn’t notice the racial slur in what he thought was a great commentary on the president’s patriotism tells me everything I need to know about his (and by extension, the average Tea Partier’s) views on Obama’s race.

  6. says

    Sylvia Sybil,

    I have a feeling that’s part of it. When I try to estimate what he’s done so far, under the conditions he’s had, I ask myself, “Could Hillary have done better, for example?” And then I wonder, “Would the Tea Partiers have been this unrelenting with her?” Maybe: while I don’t think her whiteness would overcome her gender and make her anymore palatable to bigots than Obama is, I do think her connection to an extremely popular former president probably would make her a less easy target in their eyes.

    I’m sure Obama’s far from perfect – I don’t know of a president I think did an unqualified spectacular job. But I think most of what’s rendered him ineffective in some ways is based entirely on Tea Bags who seem to honestly think getting a [racial slur] back in his place is way more important than getting jobs back, fixing the deficit, etc. I really think they will let this country implode before they work with him. I keep thinking back to Clinton: they wasted a lot of tax dollars impeaching him, but they did work with him. This strikes me as very different.

  7. karmen says

    I agree with all of you. I am embarrased to be a US Citizen at this time in our history. I have never witnessed such blatant bigotism in my life, and I grew up in Texas! I know Obama isn’t perfect, but let’s be realistic. From the first day of presidency, he had to start cleaning up the HUGE mess Bush left for him, no greater feat with any other president. Then this whole time, as mentioned above, he has been babysitting and fussing with these whiny republicans that choose to be immature and bitchy rather than try to work together and fix these problems. All I see is bitch, bitch, bitch from the republican side, and only recently are they being held responsible for their actions. Never have I witnessed bullying to be so bad, along with many other damaging and violent behaviors. Why? Does it really take a black president for the US to come out of the woodwork and show it’s true colors? Is it because nobody respects a black democratic president, that they all feel free to do whatever they want, even when it ultimately hurts themselves? So childish! Obama has my sympathy, because I know how ugly people can get, and it’s a shame that many are still this way. I thought America has really changed for the better, now I have other thoughts. I am concerned about our youths because they are witnessing their own parents, news anchors, reporters and politicians critcize and blatantly lie about their president, and all the while receiving absolutely no repercussions, what is that teaching our youths? That it’s ok to lash out at anybody, it’s ok to lie and words aren’t really damaging? Somebody needs to really start holding these people responsible for what they say. And I am disappointed that there are hardly any democrats calling these republicans out on their obvious lies. Just ranting, but there is a big problem here.

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