Republicans try the “Yeah, well so are YOU!” approach

Republicans have recently revealed their collective mental age of 5 (and a half!!!~!!) by employing a new strategy. They’re trying to convince people it’s Democrats, not Republicans, who are waging a war on women. After Mick Huckabee made the nonsense argument that trying to make employer insurance plans cover legitimate, sometimes necessary medications is exactly like saying women can’t control their libidos, Rand Paul has now stated:

“And I think some of the victimology and all of this other stuff is trumped up. We don’t get to any good policy by playing some sort of charade that somehow one party doesn’t care about women or one party is not in favor of women advancing, or other people advancing.”

Not a charade, assface. Your party’s war on birth control pills would raise the cancer risk for me and many millions of other women. Your party’s war on abortion rights, even in cases of rape, even when we’re talking eleven-year-old girls giving birth to their own siblings because their invariably conservative fathers are sick fucks, means your party wants little girls and women giving birth to children they can’t handle so they can’t compete on an equal footing with the men. Your party’s war on Planned Parenthood isn’t even just about abortion – it’s about ensuring that women get more cancer and gynecological problems, pure and simple. If you don’t have the nerve to step up and say, “Yeah, at the very least we’re okay with women dying for our ideology”, then shut your piehole and get out of the public spotlight, you diarrhettic turd.

And Texas’ new Voter ID restrictions which make a big fuss about women’s maiden names on their IDs are clearly aimed at keeping the little ladies from their civil voting rights.

“What I have used for voter registration and for identification for the last 52 years was not sufficient yesterday when I went to vote,” 117th District Court Judge Sandra Watts told KIII-TV.

The problem was that her maiden name was listed as her middle name on her driver’s license, whereas on her voter registration card, her actual middle name is listed. This small discrepancy was enough to have her flagged as a potentially fraudulent voter.

Bullshit. And Huckabee has defended his recent comments by blithering about empowering women. I hate how Republicans twist words – someone should gag them until they develop the chutzpah to actually come out and say what they mean. There’s nothing “empowering” about making birth control harder for women to get. You people are hypocrites of the highest order.

You won’t understand what the “war on women” is like until there’s a “war” on people like you, so let me fire the first shot across the bow. Mick Huckabee should have to fight for the least skilled job in the universe, because he’s just that stupid if he believes any of the bullshit dribbling out his mouth. You and the rest of your ilk, Mr. Paul, are such selfish assholes that you should have your voting rights restricted until you can prove you’re capable of thinking what’s good for the whole country and not just your sad noodle.

Fuck you, GOP. You have indeed waged wars against women, against classes, against minorities, and now you have to deal with what you have invited. Don’t like it? Should’ve thought of that before.


  1. sbg says

    Rand Paul is now dredging up Monica Lewinsky and Bill Clinton. Which, yes, not a shining moment for Mr. Clinton or the US government at all, however that is not exactly a case of a broad, decades-long party line.

    Let’s face it, no party predominantly populated by white, older males is going to be 100% pro-women. It’s just not. But given the choice between the two major parties, their platforms and track records when it comes to women … well, I ain’t voting Republican in its current (or future, if Huckabee and Paul are poster boys for where they think the party should go) state anytime soon.

  2. Patrick McGraw says

    My “favorite” part of Huckabee’s spiel was claiming that Republicans want to “empower (women) to be something other than victims of their gender.”

    It’s like he recognizes that supporters of women’s access to contraception, abortion, and other services have good “sound bites,” and thinks that he can just re-purpose those claims for himself regardless of context.

    It’s not surprising, since it is are perfectly in line with the rest of the forced-birth movement claiming to want to reduce the number of abortions while pushing for policies that are proven to do the opposite.

  3. says

    It’s also… well, the primary problem with Republican politics is they’re self-contradictory. They want women to be wholly unprotected from impregnation via rape. It’s estimated that 5% of rapes cause a pregnancy. So that’s a lot of women who, even if they attempted to use abstinence as birth control, are going to forced by Republicans to have unplanned babies they probably aren’t prepared for, but the Republicans don’t want to pony up welfare, food stamps or even a daycare program so she can go work without abandoning the baby. And adoption is such a bullshit “solution” – after carrying a child, a woman might not be prepared to give it up, and we all know only healthy white babies have much chance of not winding up in foster care.

    So, they want to force you to have kids, and then punish you if you can’t afford that kid. Even if someone forced that pregnancy on you.

    The only consistent thing about the Republican view is a very bad case of Nice Guy TM syndrome: when they think of these policies, they can only think of all those bitches who won’t fuck them, and the thought of those bitches getting stuck with unwanted kids sounds like such excellent revenge that they need to go wank just thinking about it.

    It’s exactly like screenwriters and that trope about the girl who won’t date the Nice Guy TM so of course by definition all those other guys she dates are horrid, so she gets beaten up or something and then comes crawling to Nice Guy TM realizing how wrong she was not to give him a blow job for, you know, not beating her up. Except those screenwriters only impact hearts and minds, at best. Politicians can influence policy.

  4. SunlessNick says

    There’s nothing “empowering” about making birth control harder for women to get. You people are hypocrites of the highest order.

    It’s as if they’re simply unable to fathom the concept of women being people with authority over their own bodies and lives – like they can undertand what the words basically mean, but have no idea what such a thing could actally look like. And they assume no one else does either.

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