Retro Roundup 05/14/07

This time last year, sbg found a bunch of stereotypes in Grey’s Anatomy:

However, the rest of the show is crap toward women, at least from this set of newbie eyes.

Ifritah found a super-creepy book arc, in which the author "corrects" a female warrior to her proper status as The Little Woman (which is bad enough), but goes a couple of steps further:

But in the end, she decides to stay with her #1 enemy warrior lover in his homeland, giving up her family, her home, and most importantly here, her status as a warrior.   She’ll just be his wife now, happy to watch her honey go off to kill her people, since she’d, naturally, feel weird about helping with that.  

scarlett takes a look at role reversals on Desperate Housewives:

At one point, he complains about feeling "˜emasculated’ because he stays home and looks after the kids. I’m still laughing over that. He chose to stay at home as a point of pride, and he’s the wronged party?

firebird got some insight from talk radio into why she had felt God must have hated her to make her a woman:

 There was once a day when I would have nodded my head and thought, "Now that is the height of wickedness, when it infects the women to such a degree," and never considered the double standard that somehow winks at male infidelity but considers it taboo for women, that cheers at male competitiveness and strength but castigates female physicality, that looks at male nudity as appropo to physical activity (the preacher didn’t complain about the naked Olympic games, after all) but considers the women "riding after the hunt with breasts bared" to be the very definition of evil and barbarianism.

and BetaCandy rehashed Sports Nights’ deconstruction of a male character:

Dan then spends an episode consciously avoiding flirtation. He tells every woman he normally flirts with that he’s not going to flirt with her today, but he doesn’t want her to get the wrong idea. "You mean, that you don’t like me?" they invariably ask. And his response in every case: "Not so much as the idea that I don’t want you to like me." And that’s about the size of it.

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