Retro Roundup 05/20/07

This time last year…

scarlett was talking about Heartbreak High:

After, she wants to tell the girlfriend but he doesn’t; she ends up telling her behind his back. The girlfriend dumps him, not because he cheated on her, but that he planned to not tell her. I liked that they made the distinction between infidelity and dishonesty – something I think should be addressed more in the media – and that she wouldn’t give him a second chance.

sbg noted what happens when you’re female and people find out your younger sister’s getting married and you’re “still” single:

I got my hair trimmed before my trip, and I told the stylist I didn’t want to go too much because I had a wedding to attend and didn’t want to mess with a drastic change. This led, of course, to her inquiry about whose wedding. When she found out it was my little sister’s, she proceeded to assure me over and over, using various different anecdotes and stories that it was just fine to remain single. This left me with the impression that she really was trying to issue sympathy, not support (which I don’t need, btw).

Maartje enjoyed a traditional gender role reversal in The Adventures of Sinbad:

So catch this, the normal Good Guy vs. Evil Guy battle it has become Good Girl vs. Evil Girl battle while they’re in a male dominated show!


Of course all good things must end. The second season was to be “˜darker’ and be more “˜baywatch-ish’, the result was just kinda crappy.

…and Jennifer came across another traditional role reversal in Law & Order: Criminal Intent:

The theme of females abusing males isn’t visited often on popular TV shows. Actually, it’s not visited much outside of TV, either. It’s just not something we talk about. Our national identity is forged through men: perhaps it’s just sad to think of women being violated, but to think of our hearty red-blooded American males as vulnerable would bring on a national identity crisis. So we deny and pretend.

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