Retro Roundup 06/03/07

This time last year:

Ifritah notes that Hollywood seems to be just fine with women kicking ass. As long as it’s other women whose asses they’re kicking:

But. It also gives me a message that strong women can only use physical violence against… strong women. No strong man seems to be around that she can kick the crap out of. Does this go back to men not being able to hit a girl? Or is it more that the media doesn’t think that a woman could actually win against a man?

sbg wonders why Burger King wants to leave money on the table by alienating female customers:

Not so with BK. From their giant plastic-headed (and scary) dude dressed like a king to their latest “Manthem” ad, they assume through their advertising that women aren’t really who they want to eat their food. Not that anyone should, quite frankly.

BetaCandy found some positive things to say about the BBC version of What Not to Wear:

What’s different about this show, compared to other makeover shows, is that the women are transformed as soon as they start wearing the “right” clothes, which takes no more time or effort than wearing the wrong ones. Other makeover shows encourage women to stand in the bathroom for hours, working on hair and makeup, which only serves to reaffirm the idea that they’re flawed and in need of correction. Simply dressing your body differently can teach you that you were always okay, and correcting any bodily flaws you feel you have would just be icing on the cake.

…and scarlett writes about how Boston Legal portrays patriarchal man-spoiling ruining Denny Crane:

Basically, he has no concept of anything but himself. Why should he? He’s a white male with a brilliant mind, he’s been raised to believe the world evolves around him. And it seems to be slowly dawning on him that it doesn’t. Life is going on without him. People no longer care about Denny Crane; the sycophants have other Gods to worship. He’s petrified, because the legend of Denny Crane is all he has, and he’s losing it.


  1. says

    Heh. I remember hating that stupid “I am man” song. It’s like, I’m a skinny female and I can certainly put away 2-3 double cheeseburgers when the spirit moves me. So what gives? Advertising that relies on stereotypes just gets so old… and it’s all over! It amazes me. Sometimes I think, “Wow, did your guys just sit down and decide to reproduce some lame ad from the 80’s because they couldn’t be original?”

    I am also creeped out by the BK King with the head. Like, creeped out in a serious way. Part of this has to do with the one where he’s peering into the woman’s bedroom watching her sleep. I certainly will be buying my nasty cheap fast food at McD’s from now on.

  2. Jennifer Kesler says

    That BK King could give a person nightmares. Seriously.

    I quit eating fast food altogether a while back. Granted, marketing wasn’t the only reason – frankly, with such a convenient, ubiquitous product, I’m not sure why BK or McD’s bother advertising – but I would be feeling twinges of nausea if I thought of the commercials while waiting in the drive thru.

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