Retro Roundup 4/24/07

This time last year, Jennifer took her first stab at defining invisible privilege, and included a Bill Maher anecdote from back around the time of Katrina:

He was talking about someone in the Bush administration who criticized those citizens of New Orleans who didn’t get out when they were first advised to do so. One of his panel members pointed out that most who didn’t get out didn’t actually own cars with which to get out, due to poverty, or were too poor to fill up the ones they had, given the price of gas. They didn’t just choose to ignore warnings for the hell of it. Maher said that people like the ones on the Bush administration, who’ve been so privileged all their lives, just don’t get it: they’re thinking, “Well, you just pack your spring water into your Range Rover and drive to your summer home – what’s the big deal?” Indeed.

How many people do you know who are just absolutely positive that the only reason people become homeless is laziness? Or that women are only ever paid less than men because they don’t work as hard? Convenient rationalizations.

scarlett was happy to see the “hooker with a heart of gold” trope on Firefly play out with a cold-served revenge twist:

Petaline: Jonah, this is your father. Say hello to daddy, Jonah. (Shoots GB coldly). Say Goodbye to daddy, Jonah.

And the guy so had it coming.

…and Jennifer welcomed Kraft to her shitlist for:

I’m not sure where to start here, but I’ll make my first charge: presenting two perfectly slim and healthy-looking women considering plastic surgery.   Second charge: presenting unnecessary cosmetic surgery as “not a bad idea” for women.   Third: presenting unnecessary cosmetic surgery as a viable alternative to, you know, eating healthy foods instead of Kraft’s unhealthy, processed shit which is right up there with McDonald’s in terms of quality.   Fourth charge: effective calling their customer base fat cows.

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