Retro Roundup 4/29/07

This time last year, BetaCandy had a few things to say about misogyny in medicine:

I was a teenager at the time, and I couldn’t understand the problem: didn’t the protestors understand that all sorts of medications can cause miscarriages as a side effect? How could anyone object to studying anything that might save the lives of women, just because the same drug can be used for another purpose they dislike? I mean, let’s say you have a moral objection to using anti-depressants. Would you try to shut down research into an anti-depressant’s coincidental ability to treat, say, leukemia? Or maybe the point here is that I should be asking about testicular cancer, or prostate. If RU-486 had demonstrated a potential to treat those things, would the anti-abortion crowd have been as determined to shut the research down?

…and reviewed contrasts how the BBC allows portrayal of Christian sexuality with the US’s prudishness:

Imagine this show airing on NBC. That morning, Matt Lauer would interview Jerry Falwell and Al Sharpton, who would explode from agreeing with each other for the first time ever about this abominable representation of Christianity. Never mind that there are sects of Christianity (even here in the US, though we’re not allowed to talk about it for fear the Pitchfork and Torch gang will come calling) who have read the very same Bible as Jerry Falwell and do not, in their considered opinion, feel it is saying premarital sex is automatically evil.

By that afternoon, the NBC studios in New York would be blocked off by a human chain of protestors yelling about how God is going to strike down the infidels and completely missing the irony when someone asks them what they think of bin Laden’s stance on Americans.

and scarlett complained about something that seems to bother most of us about Alias:

 Is there some rule book in TV-land that All Females Must Have One True Love? And that they Never Get Over That One True Love? Even if this particular female is a gutsy, independent women who really should be saying “˜I loved him, but that’s life’? It doesn’t make sense. What’s the point in creating gutsy, independent women only to bog them down in storylines about their One True Love? Are TV-women only truly complete with a One True Love?

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