Retro Roundup – 4/8/07

This time a year ago, Ifritah was pointing out how Sex and the City’s just more of the same “love me, love me!” crap:

Every woman I’ve had a meaningful conversation with (and even some shallow ones), outside of high school, there has only been one time I can recall where one told me they were in love first. Every man I’ve had a meaningful conversation with (or heard about) has always had ‘feelings’ first.

No, seriously.

Jennifer made the first of a number of very positive Da Vinci’s Inquest posts:

I saw my first couple of episodes of DaVinci’s Inquest recently, and something jumped out at me: in those two episodes, you could have switched the gender on any or every character in the show, and the story would have been the same. Gender was irrelevant.

And scarlett took a look at gender-blind devotion on The OC:

Summer loves Seth, and she gives him a lot of leeway. She recognises that he’s not too good with women, and knows a loving gesture when she sees it, no matter how geeky or awkward it may be. But she won’t tolerate it when he takes her for granted. She won’t tolerate lying, cheating, or treating her as less then his equal. She’ll kick his ass if he tries. Sure, she stands by her man”, but only so long as her man stands by her.

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