Retro Roundup 6/24/07

This time last year:

Ifritah watched Who’s That Girl? and found an unusual lead character:

Sure, she’s loud-mouthed, obnoxious, a liar, destructive, manipulative, and all sorts of other things.   But, I must say, that’s why she grew on me.

sbg wondered how precisely letting women become bishops would be the end of the world:

Except why? Why should allowing a woman to pursue her own vocation for her god be such a terrible, forbidden  thing? (Some conservatives are still angry the Episcopal church allows female priests…) Why should this election be an ssue at all? The persons responsible for her election surely voted based on skill, experience and confidence in her ability to lead, and her gender plays no part in that nor does it impact her ability to lead; she’s already proven herself, hasn’t she, in her past positions and performances in them? Just like any man has, just like the men she was a candidate with.

scarlett questioned why Prince is remembered as a ground-breaker while Madonna is remembered as a sex-peddler:

This was brought up in one of my units, that if Madonna was a man, she’d be remembered as a ground-breaker and thought-provoker, in the same way Prince and (child molestation accusations aside) Michael Jackson are. But, you know, only men are allowed to be ground-breaking and thought-provoking; when women do it, they’re out-of-line sluts trying to draw attention away from the fact they have no talent beyond shit-stirring.

…and BetaCandy didn’t like how the US version of "What’s Not to Wear" treated a large-breasted woman:

My guess? She went through all the normal embarrassment girls experience when their breasts are the first things people see on them, and she’s overcome her embarrassment by embracing "the girls". But all the hosts care about is calling less attention to her chest. They’re not looking at the whole woman: like everyone else, they’re obsessed with the twins, and treating them as something to be ashamed of. It’s no wonder Jennifer is resistant to their ideas. These alleged pros are as infantile as everyone else. [Note: "embarrassment" is how a lot of my friends with large breasts have described how people’s leering and innuendoes made them feel. I realize it may not apply to every large-breasted woman’s experience – sorry for generalizing.]


  1. Gategrrl says

    I dunno, I don’t remember Prince as being anything especially zowee (I didn’t go for his or Madonna’s music particularly, in the eighties when I was high school and college). I thought he was exceptionally oversexed, even for a guy.

    Madonna…she got a LOT more press, in my memory, than Prince did; and she’s failed to completely fade into the background until very recently, since she’s had her latest baby.

    Both artists were fucking obnoxious, far as I am or was concerned. Was Madonna a groundbreaker? All I saw were tons of little girls sexed up and out just like her, and college girls doing the same thing (though not quite to the same degree).

    Was Prince a groundbreaker? I do know he actually wrote many songs that other singers made famous and sold lots of copies of. Madonna, far as I know, didn’t write her own music or lyrics. Her impact was more in the image management area.

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