Retro Roundup 7/08/07

Before we get to last year’s posts, here’s an announcement for any fantasy readers we might have in South Africa:

We are planning an event in August and September called the Fantasy Feast. We have over 40 author on promotion. Where if a customer buys any of the authors books during the 2 month event will receive a bookplate to stick in the novel. Terry Brookes, Trudi Canavan, David Brin, Nial Gaiman, Tad Williams and more are included in the promotion..

We also have an official signed Terry Brooks and Tad Williams books as some of our raffle prizes for the 2 month event.

Details of the event are on best viewed in internet explorer.

And now: this time last year…

Ifritah found Aeon Flux lacking:

The Hollywood production had Aeon shown as a semi martyr. The woman who lost the last of her family and wanted vengeance” – only not so much once she realizes she’s got a thing for Trevor” – she thinks. Sort of. She guesses. It’s touch and go there for a bit, but the important thing I observed was that she was always so serious. So unsure. The bravado and self-assurance was nowhere in sight.

scarlett enjoyed the spirit of women in The Magdalene Sisters:

And the girls are far from victims. Bernadette attempts to run away at every available opportunity; having her beloved hair chopped off, or being whipped, or forced to scrub toilets, is not going to stop her from scheming her next getaway. When Bernadette becomes something of a bully herself, Margaret stands up to her, and encourages the other girls to stand up to her. Rose continually asks about her child, even in the face of swift and brutal rejection, and uses innovative negotiation when called for.

sbg watched “America’s Next Top Model” and noticed a pretense of looking outside the normal beauty “standards”:

We’re talking a woman who’s probably a size 10. Maybe even an 8. And she’s considered huge. Far too big for the competition, she’s told over and over during the scant few weeks she remains in the competition.

Paraphrased commentary:

“We like you, but you’re fat.”

“You’re a gorgeous girl, but you’re fat.”

“Nobody really wants to see that.”

“You seem to be losing some of the spark we saw that made us choose you. Where’s that spark? Oh, and you’re fat.”

…and BetaCandy found some humorous implications in a NutriSystem for Men ad that was later replaced with something more to the point:

Even the spurious suggestion that losing weight will improve a man’s sex life amuses me rather than offends me: yet again, advertisers assume that a man will buy anything, if they can get him to connect it with sex.

In fact, my only real objection to the commercial is the line, “What guy has time for that?” The implication being that a man’s time is valuable, but women have ample free time to count calories.

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