Retro Roundup 7/1/07

This time last year…

Ifritah noticed some subtle gender cues in the choice of prizes a poker contest was giving out:

Win first place? Why, choose your poison! Men’s t-shirt or men’s visor? Oh, what a steal! As far as the woman who won first place (this last Wednesday) at the location in question was concerned, it wasn’t much of anything besides a message that sure, she and her "girlfriends’ could play" – but yeah, don’t expect to win.

scarlett questioned the positioning of an article that could be interpreted to accuse women who postpone motherhood of screwing over their offspring:

As I said, I’ve edited out about 1/2 the article and may have taken out some of the context, but there seems to me to be an implied blame in women postponing childbirth. What do you reckon someone, somewhere out there reads this article and holds it up as proof: See, I TOLD you women should be barefoot and in the kitchen by eighteen! Women are depriving their children of longevity by postponing childbirth!

(The comment thread is worth reading, as people discuss the role of the media in (mis)reporting studies and talk about some studies indicating deficient quality in the sperm of older men, too.)

sbg wondered why milk ads were only targeting women who want to lose weight:

What doesn’t make sense is that these commercials are geared to and feature only women. Like women alone have to watch their figures by drinking milk. If the motivator was to combat, say, osteoporosis I could see the sole focus on women.

…and BetaCandy talked about how "Wings" likes to reverse gender tropes for comedy:

While a lot of shows like to give you the occasional funny moment where, for example, two male roomates have a stereotypical husband-wife type conversation, Wings’ gender humor was based on the falsehoods of gender constructs. When you get right down to it, men and women aren’t that different – except in the ways we’ve been taught to be, starting with toy commercials.

(Note: I think there are some mild inaccuracies about some of the episodes I discussed there – I didn’t as yet have the DVD’s to work from. But it’s generally close enough.)

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