Retro Roundup 7/22/07

This time last year, my brain was still with me. This year it’s taking a vacation, so I forgot to do the column last week. Anyhow…

Ifritah made some damn good points about Batman Returns (which provides an interesting counter to a review I did ages ago, which focused only on how she remained true to herself and missed the point about what “herself” as defined by the film said about women):

My mind, however, can’t just focus on those aspects of Selina. Truth is, she was a lousy villain. Penguin was the star of the show, having twice as much airtime as, not only Catwoman, but as Batman’s semi main squeeze who just happens to wear a mask when the sun sets.

sbg publicly admitted to watching That’s So Raven, with good reason:

I think this struck me so much because we, as adult women, frequently talk about feminism and how the world is slanted in a certain direction but not a whole lot about the direct impact this sort of thing has on little girls. I watched this show and thought of my nieces. I hope they can see messages like this amid all the ones telling them they’re not acceptable if they don’t look and act a certain way.

scarlett wrote her first article about Blue Heelers:

It was embarrassing. I’ve known plenty of men who fooled themselves into thinking relationships existed when they didn’t; how come none of them make our TV screens? With a few exceptions (and I think Australian television is fairly good like that; more on that later) apparantly it’s just not acceptable to see men pining after women and convincing themselves that the woman loves them back.

BetaCandy marveled at Canada’s ability to create a show in no one is shown to think “Who cares?” when it comes to solving the serial murders of 50 female First Nations prostitutes:

Naturally, there’s debate throughout the series over whether this is the right solution; but interestingly, I can’t recall one character arguing that prostitutes don’t deserve protection.

Except one or two of the hookers, when approached by DaVinci or cops who want to help them. They express the belief that no one cares what happens to them, so the concept isn’t completely ignored. It’s just not milked for drama and conflict. It’s kept offscreen with all the other obvious and unecessary stuff, like the fact that our characters probably clean their noses from time to time.

Ifritah found that Resident Evil is easier if you play the girl:

Then I tried out Chris Redfield out of curiosity, as I heard he has a different introduction. And that’s when I started getting annoyed. It becomes very clear very fast that, even when playing on the same mode, Jill is meant to be the easier path.

sbg wondered after re-watching Pretty Woman:

How many women see these kinds of movies as girls and retain that fairy tale wish and mindset all their lives?

..and Revena shared what she liked best about Dead Man’s Chest:

She totally uses swords in this film! Two swords at once! And a gun! Swann does her fair share of problem-solving through quick thinking, talking, and trickery, but when the situation calls for a physical fight, she’s up for that, too.

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