Revena’s WisCon reports

Quick note here: Revena is posting live up-to-the-minute WisCon reports here.

UPDATE: It might have been nice for me to say what WisCon is for those who don’t know it. It is:

This is the world’s leading feminist science fiction convention. WisCon encourages discussion and debate of ideas relating to feminism, gender, race and class. WisCon welcomes writers, editors and artists whose work explores these themes as well as their many fans. We have panel discussions, academic presentations, and readings as well as many other uncategorizable events. WisCon is primarily a book-oriented convention… with an irrepressible sense of humor.

I’m expecting most of Revena’s posts to be on the books blog, but when it’s all done she’ll do a post linking to everything. There should be a lot of good reading, so check it out.


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