Reversal of Fortunes

I watch Crossing Jordan intermittently and the Jordan/Woody storyline shits me. It makes me think that that usual eager female/emotionally unavailable male stereotype has been turned upside down”¦ and exposed as the load of croc that it is.

Basically, Woody Hoyt (Jerry O’Connell) has a crush on Jordan Cavanaugh (Jill Hennessy) from the moment he meets her as a guest star in season one (now on season five). And he keeps crushing on her, no doubt fired by the occasional lip-locks she deigns to give him. It’s the ultimate carrot-and-stick ploy; give ’em enough to keep them trudging through the Desert of Absolutely No Hope

See, Jordan has Issues. Her mother died, and her father was partially responsible. She has a mental half-brother on the loose.

You know what? I’ve analysed too many bits of media TO CARE ANYMORE! You have issues. So do I. Get over it.

She uses her Issues as a reason to hold Woody at arm’s length. The share a passionate kiss, or near kiss, like, every season. And the following episode, she’s all “˜whoa boy, back off, didn’t mean it’. ‘Coz she doesn’t want to get close to anyone; this is illustrated through countless affairs with equally emotionally-unavailable men she has. This is illustrated, when, after her flat is broken into and she’s held hostage (after a fight with Woody, no less, who would otherwise have walked her to her front door) she shuts down the day after when Woody asks her how she is. Because, you know, she doesn’t need a man. She doesn’t need anyone.

Even when they write in a new love interest for Woody, they kill her off after a few episodes. (I’ve been told the shippers had something to do with that; damn them, they’re everywhere.) So he goes back to fixating on Jordan. And Jordan, who actually looked a little put out that Woody had found something better to do then fixate on her, went back to holding him at arm’s length. Classic eager female/emotionally unavailable male”¦ except in reverse. And when it’s reversed is when you realise how stupid it is.

Advice to Jordan: get over your Issues. We all have them. Take it from someone who knows; sitting in the past and crying will not achieve anything but make you regret the years you spent sitting in the past and crying over it.

Advice to Woody: get over Jordan. There are three billion other women in the world. Even after you take out the too young/old/unattainable ones, that’s still a big sea. (In fact, I believe O’Connell is engaged to Rebecca Romijn; point proven). Don’t you watch Stargate? Haven’t you learnt that pursuing someone unattainable achieves nothing other then preventing you from living your own life? Or do you secretly have something of a Madonna/Whore complex, that you only want something while it deigns you to be not good enough for them?

CJ really puts into contexts the ridiculousness of this eager-person-pursuing-emotionally-unavailable-person storyline that writers have been relying on for years by reversing the genders. Of course, I’m reading between the lines but maybe someone, somewhere has cottoned onto something.


  1. says

    I haven’t seen this show, but the relationship sounds remarkably like that of Starbuck and Apollo on Battlestar Galactica. She keeps him at a distance while he yearns for her; she sleeps with other men and occasionally kisses him. She supposedly has “issues” that keep her from settling down. She is also presently involved with a character who will probably be killed off. Though there are a lot of dedicated Starbuck/Apollo shippers, I rather hope they won’t get together. I really think Starbuck is too cool for him, and he would never actually be happy with her. It is interesting to see the roles reversed, though.

  2. scarlett says

    I’ve only seen the first season of Battletstar (and even then missed a few eps, which I think were pivotal eps) but the feeling I got about Starbuck and Apollo was that the dynamics of their relationship was exclusive to them through Starbuck’s relationship with Apollo’s brother and her indirect responsibility in his death; maybe a symbiotic/mutual parasitic relationship combined with a deep mutual respect for one another as soldiers?
    Whereas Woody and Jordan seem to be screwed up people who happened to find each other who perfectly fitted their screw-ups; Woody’s need to pant after someone unavailable and Jordan’s need to hold someone eager at bay. In other words, Starbuck and Apollo’s relationship was caused by unique circumstances but Woody and Jordan’s by two screwed-up people.
    Incidentally, I’d love to see some articles about the women of Battlestar, they’re all so self-preserving and many of them have a healthy sense of sexuality too. aUnfortunately to get both the first season and miniseries would cost me about $A100, and I didn’t like it THAT much.

  3. says

    Hey, you might want to know that the first season set includes the miniseries. It can be found for fairly cheap online places; my boyfriend got it for me for my birthday and I know he got a good deal (less than US$40).

  4. scarlett says

    Yeah the problem with that is the different region; the US is, I think, region one and we’re region four. Plus there’s exchange rates to content with; $US40 comes to about $A70.

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