Rogue: S1 E2 — “Cathy’s Song”

Cathy continues to Lady Macbeth it up, goading Alec to kill his cat’s paws who firebombed the Chinese restaurant. They might’ve accidentally incited a gang war with the Lee Brothers, who are the biggest and strongest of the Chinese gangs.

Meanwhile, Jackie continues pushing Bald Cop to get his life, and crashes the apartment he’s keeping one of his informants in. This is the same apartment we saw last ep, where Bald Cop was banging the Asian prostitute. That was actually a slightly funny scene — Bald Cop tried to complain about Lt. Hernandez being a bitch and a bad boss, and then was all WOMEN ARE THE WORST BOSSES, AMIRITE???  and Kim is all, uh, no, men are definitely much more difficult to work with. Believe it, brah.

Anyways, Jackie shows up all uninvited into Kim’s apartment, where Kim is meandering around naked because why not? Anyways, Jackie throws Kim some money, and says, “Go get a coffee. You tell anyone I’m here, and I’m calling immigration.”

Now, I had some obvious problems with this scene.

  1. They’re in Oakland, right? There’ve been Asian people in Oakland since, like, the 1850s-1870s, so what? Are you threatening to call immigration because you know for a fact this girl (who’s dropped her accent now that she sees it’s not Bald Cop) isn’t a US citizen? Or are you assuming she’s not because she’s Asian? Either way, douche move. Why not just call Vice?
  2. Also: RUDE.

Anyways, whatever Jackie and Bald Cop talked about was so boring I don’t even remember it. Probably more, “oh Jackie, get over your dead son,” and some “I can’t, I must avenge!” Anyways, Jackie also meets with Mitch*  Jackie persuades Jimmy (the leader of the dock gangs) to talk to the cops in order to clear his name of the attack on the Chinese resturnt, which is totally bonkers because HE knows and JACKIE knows that Alec totlly did it.  While Jimmy is visiting Lt. Hernandez, the docks get raided. Jimmy naturally suspects Jackie of setting him up, especially since she stole everyone’s cell phones so she could have the cops trace the numbers. Oops. Perhaps he should not have trusted the undercover cop who’s totally clear she’s only working with him to avenge her dead son. Ya think?

Back home, Evie is all mad because back at home Grace is still grieving hardcore over her dead son. Evie is, by the way, a perfect teenager — angry, awkward, and ready to snark just for shits and giggles. Grace is all, let’s make lasangna! and Evie’s all, I ALREADY HAD LASANGA. Tom tries to make things better by being all, GO TALK TO YOUR DAUGHTER SHE NEEDS HER MOTHER, with a little bit of I ONLY STAY FOR HER and some BE THE ADULT HERE for good measure.

Now, I LIKE this scene BUT my thing is, women already get shit on for having careers, so while I appreciate this is all genre appropriate, it’s also coming on in the middle of an ongoing conversation about women and work, soooo kinda wishing it was possible for Tom to be all like EVIE NEEDS YOU, AND SHE NEEDS YOU MENTALLY HEALTHY or whatever, since I’m not feeling the awkward insertion of motherhood-as-sanity bit here.

Anyways, Alec is probably going to kill the guys he persuaded to bomb the Chinese restaurant. Only right now, he’s given them a wad of cash, and tells them he’s going to send them to Mexico where they will have beaches and drinks by the pool, and also all the “organic pussy” they can eat. I don’t even know what that means? Is American pussy NOT organic? I think this is an instance of colonizer imagery correlating the purity of primitive locals with organic food. ????


*Way to play both sides, DirecTv! Apparently this Mitch fellow has a webseries about fatherhood, second chances, and being a cop, JUST LIKE JACKIE DOES, only without the gender roles swapped. INTERESTING.

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