San Diego Comic Con Part 2

17 more tidbits from the con!

1. The creators of Supergirl: Cosmic Adventures in the 8th Grade and doing a more adult comic for Image called “Danger Club” about superheroes beating the hell out of each other.

2. The protest against the DC reboot garnered an incredibly tiny turnout. Not that it’s super surprising.

3. Avatar: The Last Airbender is getting a sequel called the Legend of Korra, which is getting a ton of buzz. Here’s a link!

4. In the tradition of DC hiring apparently “the best” here’s some of Leifeld’s Hawk and Dove artwork. Feh.

5. Shannon Wheeler won the best humor Eisner for his GN “I thought You Would be Funnier.”

6. Gail Simone, through the magic of the internet, got to meet up with the woman who was asking DC all of those awkward questions about female characters and the percentage of women who are creators in the New 52.

7. Marvel introduces their Spider Island story which gives the other Spider-Man cast Peter’s powers. Including Mary Jane.

8. The Dark Phoenix Tonner doll is over priced, but fabulous.

9. It’s being rumored that the real break out hit of the New 52 is going to Justice League: Dark, which features Zatanna, John Constantine, and awesome magic.

10. Kevin Kellar, Archie’s first ever openly gay character, is getting his own series.

11. The bottom half of Supergirl’s new costume looks psychotically uncomfortable.

12. There’s going to be a Fables spin-off entitled “Fairest” that follows the adventures of some of that series’ princesses.

13. The Supernatural panel garnered the usual levels of internet hate toward show runner Sera Gamble. Tumblr is full of people asking her to step down, and joking about going to San Diego to slip something in her drink. HOW FUNNY! Keep in mind most of the Supernatural fandom are women, but I can’t help but think if she was a dude like former show runner Eric Kripke, they wouldn’t say these things.

14. IO9 has the comic con scoop on the new Snow White and the Huntsmen movie that’s going to start filming, plus pretty photos! Despite my loathing of Kristen Stewart’s work (Thanks, Twilight!) this looks pretty fun.

15. Check out some fabulous Marvel cosplay, guys!

16. The big Avengers movie poster is boy heavy, but cool-looking.

17.  Dan Didio dodged more questions about equality today. I know we’re all so surprised. But at least Gail Simone seems to be treating Barbara Gordon with some respect, and she hinted that two very cool, underrated female characters might show up.

Thus endeth the round up. No real shockers this year from Marvel, and no big surprises with DC sticking their foot in their mouth quite a few times. You’d think they would have done some prep in terms of the questions they might get asked.


  1. sbg says

    Re: 13 – they wouldn’t. I mean, when I dipped my toe in SPN fandom at large, it was very much a Kripke-is-God kind of mentality (which is one I never share, because everyone screws up and I’ve been painfully aware of how BADLY Kripke screwed some things up). Imagine if, say, the reins had been passed to Ben Edlund or something. People would be in hog heaven, and I would have given up entirely.

    Not that I think Sera walks on water, just that she’s not really doing any worse than her predecessor. So, if people are hating on her, they should have been hating on Kripke for years. And the majority didn’t.

  2. Red says

    I have to say, I’m VERY excited about ‘Legend of Korra’. It has all the potential of greatness like it’s predecessor. And the fact that it stars a female lead makes it doubly special.

    I hope you all turn in. And if you haven’t yet done so, check out the original ‘Avatar; The Last Airbender’ animated series. You won’t be disappointed.

  3. The Other Anne says


    Ugh. I have not finished season 6 t(through no fault of Gamble; I stopped actually enjoying Supernatural around season 3, when Dean started being unable to do wrong (despite him being one of the most unappealing characters to me morally), and all Sam did was wrong no matter his intentions. (Because WHY SHOULD every sing demon be automatically evil? And WHY ON EARTH bring an overpowering Christian canon to a show that has already established a pantheon of gods and goddesses? Urgh. I could go on all day.)


    If Korra is HALF as good as ATLA I will be incredibly happy (as ATLA is pretty much my fav), and considering how epically spectacular it looks from even just a few pictures and that teaser…I’m pretty much so excited for it I can’t even stand it. Haven’t been this anticipatory about a show since…well, since I was waiting for the last season of ATLA. :)

  4. Dani says

    Yes! I’m so excited for the Fables spin-off! And Snow White looks…not terrible? I’m definitely intrigued by Snow White in armor…and armor that actually provides protection!!

    On that note…

    Supergirl’s costume: Just, ew. Maybe her first issue should be titled “Supergirl and the Case of Hypothermia”, because that’s what she’s going to get with a costume like that. The lower half of her costume pretty much kills any believability this image might have had.

  5. DNi says

    I will never understand why it is so bloody hard for DC to pick out a decent design for their female characters and just stick with them.

    Wonder Woman: I don’t think she needs pants OR bikini briefs. I think she looks plenty badass wearing that star-spangled Greek battle skirt (Pteruges, as wikipedia call it).

    Supergirl: Blue leotard with a red skirt, not unlike something a figure skater would wear. Cute and something I imagine little girls would love and could emulate easily enough. Also: it looks like she’s wearing a Jack Kirby-inspired crotch flap in that picture you linked to. I’m not sure how I feel about that.

    Harley Quinn: Bruce Timm pretty much perfected her design nearly twenty years ago. Seriously.

    Huntress: Just… Just give that poor woman some body armor. Please.

  6. Red says


    If Korra is HALF as good as ATLA I will be incredibly happy (as ATLA is pretty much my fav), and considering how epically spectacular it looks from even just a few pictures and that teaser…I’m pretty much so excited for it I can’t even stand it. Haven’t been this anticipatory about a show since…well, since I was waiting for the last season of ATLA.

    Given the creators, I have every reason to believe it’ll be awesome! Chances are it will surpass expectations.

    What I love most is that fact that Mike and Bryan are breaking every conventional rule about female superheros and making Korra into a very strong, bad-ass gal who isn’t reduced to the overused stereotype that’s so often seen in many shows and comics. The fact that they don’t believe in that ‘conventional wisdom’ shows just how much they actually care about the story and characters they’re writing. They took a risk and it’s paid off in spades with ‘A;TLA’. The show tackled mature subjects without losing it’s honest humor and light-heartedness. And given how it’s own ensemble of female characters, no question Korra will have the same care applied to her.

    Dan Didio and Grant Morrison should take notes from these guys. They created a successful series and well-rounded characters WITHOUT resorting to the same old overused tropes that have been recycled over and over again. And are doing it AGAIN with a female lead.

  7. SunlessNick says


    Yes, it really does.

    It’s being rumored that the real break out hit of the New 52 is going to Justice League: Dark, which features Zatanna, John Constantine, and awesome magic.

    I’m not keen on that. I’ve only ever seen Zatanna in the Vertigo titles – which are technically in the same world as the superhero stuff, but it doesn’t generally show – and that’s where I’d rather see, as a more morally upright analogue to Hellblazer.* (Speaking of which, I can’t even begin to imagine John Constantine in any sort of Justice League).

  8. Robin says

    In the Marvel photo set, I really love that somebody cosplayed Stan Lee. :)

    Supergirl… yeah, no. Would a Kryptonian even be able to achieve the bikini wax necessary for that costume? Would doing so require kryptonite? Also, y’know, why in the world would anybody wear that for crimefighting purposes? It’s really difficult to take down bad guys when you have a wedgie.

    I’m kind of intrigued by the new take on Snow White…

  9. Lindsey says

    That shot of Supergirl’s costume is a little different than the first one I saw, which was

    Admittedly, I think it’s an improvement on the mini-skirt, which always seemed demeaning and exploitative to me, especially since Supergirl is nearly always pictured flying. But the shot from the link here looks like the red part is affixed on the front of the leotard (which is presumably a thong or something with that cut) while the other one makes it look like it’s just part of the single piece. I don’t know which is ‘canon’ at this point.

    Also the chest S looks strange and jagged in both which I didn’t really notice before, probably to differentiate her logo from Superman’s.

  10. KLee says

    14 — the pictures are pretty, but its going to take a lot for me to forgive the Snow White casting & subject myself to watching. Sigh, but its really nice to see a Snow White in armor, a characterization that on the surface appears to be empowering her. We’ll see if thats true eventually I guess.

    The pictures of Supergirl and the earlier linked one of Catwoman remind me of why I never really got into comics (tho i did love the Firestar mini-series in the 90s?). I mean really?? I was more into Epic Illustrated, which while featuring women in improbable costumes still seemed to make more sense.

  11. M.C. says

    Supergirl: Even Kara on Smallville sometimes slipped out of her hotpants and put on some trousers, a shirt and even a jacket. (Kara in all her glory:

    Gah, I never would have thought I’d miss that show!
    Fuck you, DC Comics, for making Smallville look like a masterpiece next to you!

  12. Ara says


    I kind of want to say that Supergirl achieving her bikini wax for her costume by exposing herself to toxic chemicals could make a wonderful allegory for the modeling industry if they wrote it right, but from what I’ve heard that would be too deep for them.

    It’s too bad, really– make it a plot point that people have been conditioned to want a certain look from their superheroes, and she’s bought into the myth, and then point out that the kryptonite is killing her for prettiness and have her discover that people still love her heroism even without the ridiculously revealing costume…

    It’ll never happen, but it would be so cool!

  13. Kex says

    I personally have been hugely disappointed in Serah Gamble on season six of Supernatural. Maybe I expected more of a female show runner; maybe I am being unfair but…

    Seriously, SPN have had problems with female representation before, but this season was “kill a female character for shock value” EVERY F-ing episode. Oh look, they brought back that girl, ohh she died in a scene that was merely there to chock the viewer and had nothing to do with her.


    Look at Dean’s cousin for example. So we have some vague character build up and then she disappears. When she returns you think, wow, maybe she´ll get a personality? But nooo, she is killed. And not only is she killed, she is killed in a way that had nothing to do with her fight or her beliefs. Her death was so typical girl in refrigerator so I nearly threw up.

    That vampire girl returning: death as chock value.

    Eve: quick anticlimactic death used as chock value. She didn’t even get a struggle. NOTHING.

    Castiel gets a girl angel pal. Killed of the second or third time we see her to show how eeevil Cas is becoming.

    Get back Ellen but hey, everyone knows she will be dead again at the end of the episode. She is just there for Dean and Sam to angst over. And you know, I know they killed her off earlier, but the at least she was allowed to die fighting in something she believed in. Here it was nothing.

    And hey, there actually was an episode when a recurring character which died was not a woman, it was a black man instead. Yeah.


    Sorry, had to get that of my chest. Like I said, it is very possible that I am being unfair, but I have not been happy.

  14. Leigh says


    While I agree that season 6 had plenty of problems, and that Sera’s direction may have problems, which could be seen as the fault of it being a transitional thing, her first time at the wheel of this show…

    It is never okay to threaten someone. No matter what you think of their work. It is never okay to even joke about flying to San Diego for the sole purpose of “putting something in her drink.” That’s not okay. Think what you will of what she’s doing on the show, but that has nothing to do with the fact that even joking about threatening someone, because you don’t like what they’ve done to you show is not cool.

    And Kripke’s run had just as many problems with killing women as Sera’s.

  15. Kex says

    Oh absolutely not. I do not in any way shape or form condone any threats against Serah Gamble. I find it horrible! And I must admit that I think that she would be receiving those threats no matter what she did with the series. The SPN fandom is one of the most misogynistic ones there is. I am avoiding it like plague. I was responding more to the first comment of this post than the post itself. Though I must admit that it is troubling that I totally bypassed the whole threat situation to whine about her direction. Sometimes you notice things that are not so pleasant about yourself:/

    Like I said, it is totally possible that I fell in the trap of expecting more from a woman than I would from a man. I’ll rewatch the other seasons to see if I have been willfully ignorant.

  16. Maria says

    @Leigh and Kex

    This kind of makes me think how sometimes people are so intent on blaming a woman for a show’s problems that they’ll blame anyone, including fictional characters (Buffy fandom, we need to talk!)

  17. Jenny Islander says

    The bottom half of Supergirl’s costume looks like a steel diaper.

    Why couldn’t she wear the old miniskirt with a pair of bike shorts underneath? As in, “I like the way the skirt flips in the wind, but I don’t like a healthy breeze round me privates and the color of my panties is nobody’s business but mine?”

    Is she still supposed to be a teenage girl? What about drawing her in, oh, 5 different tops and 3 different bottoms, which she mixes and matches without fanfare, because she’s still figuring out which combination works best?

  18. The Other Anne says


    I’ve only seen the first eight or so episodes of the 6th so I haven’t seen most of those (I read anyway since spoilers don’t bother me) and it makes me think I should not continue. I was planning on watching the rest today and tomorrow. It’s so sad because years ago Supernatural was my favorite and I couldn’t WAIT for the next week…and the last three years I’ve just been “meh.”

    I would think your reaction is like what they say at Shakesville all the time: “I expect more.” It’s easy I think to put expectations on women in Hollywood that we might not have at the same level for the men of Hollywood. I WOULD think that a female showrunner would do a better job–but at the same time it may be overcompensational, in reaction to the VERY rabid (and troubling, IMO) fanbase and fandom (which SPN tends to cater to WAY to much). I don’t want to make excuses for Gamble, but I can’t blame her for the incredibly awful gender and race issues in SPN because precedent was set with Kripke and in a way she’s kind of forced to carry on some things he set up.

    That said, no. Just no. I cannot stand the way women are just slaughtered in that series. And whenever I’d bring it up in my old forum ExIsle, people would make the excuses: “white men die too! Stop overreacting! It’s a show! Just enjoy it! You’re too sensitive!” (And yeah, the only people saying that were the MALE fans at ExIsle….)

    So I’m torn. I don’t WANT to make excuses for Gamble, because I EXPECT BETTER, but I have studied way to much Hollywood to be able to focus in on her as the only cause and reason without context.

    Gah. Screw SPN. I’m done with it (unless my sister and I watch it and rip it to shreds while we do).

  19. says


    Would a Kryptonian even be able to achieve the bikini wax necessary for that costume? Would doing so require kryptonite?

    I know that in the comics Superman has been shown “shaving” by use of his heat vision, reflected off of something (I think it was a shard of some Kryptonian metal, but it might have just been a mirror, because writers always seem to think that anything in “ray” form bounces off a mirror like light). So… yeah. That, uh, that just makes the whole thing worse, I should think.

  20. says

    The Other Anne,

    I have such an absolute love/hate relationship with SPN. I give it a pass, even though I know I shouldn’t. I hate the way they kill off women in that show, but I keep watching because I find the rest of it entertaining, and I do love Ackles and Padalecki’s chemistry.

    I honestly think that Sera Gamble is quite terrified of the SPN fanbase. They are so rabid and they cross so many lines they shouldn’t, and they get away with it because they keep the show on the air.

    These are the people that send hate tweets to Ackles’ wife, and the reason Padalecki’s (who was on the show for a season) had to pull out of a con due to threats.

    If you watch the con footage from over the weekend, you’ll see that Sera seems kind of nervous, because I’m sure she knows the kind of hate she gets, and it was the first con that Kripke wasn’t there at.

    In season 6, though, they introduced a number of female characters you knew were just going to die, and it was so disappointing because quite a few of them were pretty fab. But the creative team is really guilty of catering to the fanbase, and it all has to be about the brothers and sometimes Castiel the Angel, so all other characters suffer the same fate. But mostly women. :(

  21. The Other Anne says


    Yeah, the only women I remember from the show that DIDN’T die were the woman in the hunter duo in ep1 of s3, and Amy Acker’s character. I’m sure there were more, but those are really all I remember. OH! And Brooke Nevin’s character. There were probably more but I only remember those because I like Nevin, Acker, and it stands out when there is any character on the show who is not white.

    I did the love hate thing for so long I can sympathize with that. I’ve just gotten a little TOO contemptuous, in large part because of the people who criticized ME for having the GALL to bring that up. Hah. Maybe the 7th season will be better…..?

  22. sbg says

    *sigh* Remember the MotW days, when they actually saved people (often women) instead of getting them dead?

    I’m a lot like you. I know I shouldn’t love Show, and in many ways I don’t. But I do love the chemistry between the two leads so much. I am starting to seriously wish they’d let it end with Sam sacrificing it all, though.

    We’ll see how S7 fares.

  23. SunlessNick says

    The Other Anne,

    Yeah, the only women I remember from the show that DIDN’T die were the woman in the hunter duo in ep1 of s3, and Amy Acker’s character.

    Please tell me they’ve not brought back and killed Hailey and Sarah… :( (I used to long to see one of them again, now I hope the show never brings them back; not that I should care, since I gave up on it too).

  24. The Other Anne says


    Every time a female character comes along I wish and wish they’d be regulars who don’t just end up dying (come ON surely there are other fates than THAT they can give these people. It stopped being original after the first five minutes of the pilot when their mom died. And even that wasn’t an original origin story.) and yeah, it’s gotten to the point where now I hope they never do so I can keep pretending those characters are alive and happy somewhere out in British Columbia.

  25. Kex says

    The Other Anne,

    You know, you are right. I do expect more! And perhaps I have been trying to ignore it because there are so many things I love about the show, but this season really hit it home for me. So now I am desperately conflicted.

    And yes, when I see a returning female character I go “nooooo”, because I know she is going to die in a way that is supposed to shock the viewers but does not, because gee, women dying in SPN, supriiisee! If you want to chock me kill Dean, Sam, Bobby or Cas and make them stay dead. THAT would shock me.

    I do think you are right that Gamble desperately is trying to please a fandom that full out hates women. There is no place for a fully developed female character who plays a central part in the show because fandom would hate her.

    You know I wish


    that they would have the guts to keep the world when the Titanic hadn’t sunk. We would have to awesome female characters returning (Jo and Ellen) and it would be so interesting to explore the differences between “our” world and the new one


  26. sbg says


    There are actually oodles of survivors we’ll never see again, probably because there’s a new swath of writers and they aren’t likely to bring back characters they didn’t create. There’s Charlie from Bloody Mary, Becky from the first and best shapeshifter eppie, Missouri Mosely, Sarah, Cat, the hunter woman from M7, the sheriff from the cannibalistic hillbilly episode, etc.

    My hope for S7 is honestly that they remember the “saving people” from the old “saving people, hunting things” motto they started out with.

  27. Ebb says

    Here’s an interview with the ‘awkward’ questioner up at dcwomenkickingass:

    It’s funny how simple questions can be blown out of proportion.
    P.S.: People who booed her at the panel, really? Really now?

    Re: Wonder Woman and Supergirl’s costumes.

    WW: Ya know, I don’t mind that she switches up her pants for what ever situation calls for them. (Hot area = short shorts, cold area = long pants…bet Supergirl wishes she had that lol )

    Supergirl: *sigh* The one that really didn’t need the bathing suit. At least Wondy is an adult but Supergirl usually stayed in the teenage range. I hope they bring back the skirt. It just suits her more.

  28. says


    What a great interview! I think I have a crush on her now. *grin* Didio does not come off well in this. He sounds actually hostile to the idea of women in comics.

    I thought about how Dan Didio had treated the people who asked him questions at the 52 panel. I came away with the impression that he is very, very good at dodging or deflecting questions he doesn’t want to answer, especially by asking the questioner something in response. … This belligerence was present every time anyone asked him about female creators.

    In fact, Didio said at the first panel that Barbara was going to be Batgirl because she was the most recognizable Batgirl. I wondered why the same logic isn’t being applied to Robin. I mean, with Barbara, they’re taking away Oracle, de-aging her, and making her Batgirl again. Why not do the same with Dick Grayson, by far the most recognizable Robin? Take away Nightwing, de-age him, put him back in the Robin suit, and you’ve got a Robin that the average Joe on the street would recognize.

    She also mentions how Didio’s response of “Send in your stuff” was deceitful.

    What also impressed me about that interview was her bewilderment at all the hostility she received. She had no idea she was in among people who would boo her for asking simple questions. She chalks it up to being a recent convert, which is almost certainly a factor. However, I’ve never read a comic book (I much prefer webcomics and manga) and I’m well aware of the misogyny in the fandom. So maybe she’s been insulated by having some really awesome comics friends?

  29. Leigh says

    Sylvia Sybil,

    It is, indeed, a great interview. On tumblr there are a few campaigns going on today, including a writing campaign to write to DC calling for Didio’s head on a platter, and a petition, with a long list of women who create comics that DC should be hiring.

    Audio of Didio getting verbally abusive to a fan can be found here:

    and DC’s contact info can be found here:

    The petition is here:

  30. Lindsey says

    Sylvia Sybil,

    Didio has a long record of being basically just an idiot. To claim that Barbara is the most recognizeable Batgirl is absurd in the current era, both because she was far more known as Oracle, and because Cass Cain did a pretty good job of taking that role on for herself before she, too, stepped beyond it. The decision is just terrible on many different levels–and yes, it is not equally applied since certainly they couldn’t take Dick’s achievements away, that would be emasculating!

  31. Casey says


    This is silly, but until I saw that picture of “Batgirl” with Gail Simone I honestly didn’t know what she looked like…for some reason I thought she’d look like Birds of Prey-era!Barbara Gordon/Oracle. ^_^V

  32. Red says

    Hey everyone!

    I just got a response (pretty sure it’s automated0 from DC Entertainment.. I signed the petition and had listened to the audio of Didio. Wow, just… wow.

    Here’s the letter in all it’s oh-so-unassuming ‘We’re not sexist, really!’ glory :eyeroll:

    Actually to clarify, it’s two letters. The first one is from Courtney Simmons of SVP Publicity

    ‘Thank you for your email, I am responding on behalf of Diane Nelson, Dan DiDio, Jim Lee, Geoff Johns, John Rood, Bob Harras and all the execs at DC Entertainment.

    DC Entertainment takes your comments very seriously and wants you to know that we are listening to the feedback.

    However, we also want you to know that not all of the facts are being presented by petition organizers or the press. DC Entertainment is proud that 25 percent of its Editorial team is comprised of wonderfully talented women. We also have women in other key roles within the organization including Digital, Marketing, Sales and Publicity. In addition, we are proud of our female President Diane Nelson and both our female heads of the Legal and Finance departments.

    With that said, we realize that not only DCE, but the entire comic book industry, can and should do a better job of sourcing women for creative roles. As demonstrated by the wealth of characters and super heroes featured in our comics, many of whom are women, exploring different points of views is a key facet to our storytelling and we will work harder to ensure the creative forces behind our comics reflect that diversity.

    This is a very important topic and we’re actively working on this issue. Just as diversity is important to you, it’s important to DC Entertainment.

    Our Co-Publishers Dan DiDio and Jim Lee have posted a statement on the topic on THE SOURCE blog which I’m sharing with you below.


    Courtney Simmons

    SVP Publicity
    DC Entertainment’

    Here’s the second letter from Jim Lee and :GAG!: Dan DiDio

    We hear you

    Over the past week we’ve heard from fans about a need for more women writers, artists and characters. We want you to know, first and foremost, that we hear you and take your concerns very seriously.

    We’ve been very fortunate in recent years to have fan favorite creators like Gail Simone, Amy Reeder, Felicia Henderson, Fiona Staples, Amanda Connor, G. Willow Wilson and Nicola Scott write and draw the adventures of the World’s Greatest Super Heroes.

    DC Comics is the home of a pantheon of remarkable, iconic women characters like Wonder Woman, Lois Lane, Batgirl, Batwoman, Catwoman and Supergirl as well as fan favorite characters like Black Canary, Katana, Mera and Starfire. We’re committed to telling diverse stories with a diverse point of view. We want these adventures to resonate in the real world, reflecting the experiences of our diverse readership. Can we improve on that? We always can—and aim to.

    We’ll have exciting news about new projects with women creators in the coming months and will be making those announcements closer to publication. Many of the above creators will be working on new projects, as we continue to tell the ongoing adventures of our characters. We know there are dozens of other women creators and we welcome the opportunity to work with them.

    Our recent announcements have generated much attention and discussion and we welcome that dialogue.


    Jim Lee & Dan DiDio

    DC Entertainment Co-Publishers’

    Oh, where to BEGIN?

    Apparently none of these fools realize that this whole thing really got started when Didio all but blasted that one poor guy for his question.

    Here’s a tip, DC; never, EVER address or dismiss the fans the way Didio did at the panel. It was not only unprofessional, it was flat-out rude and unacceptable behavior. The LAST people you want to upset are the very people who purchase your comic. And if sales take a dive… we’ll that’s you’re own fault.

    And not even so much as an APOLOGY for that kind of behavior? And I don’t mean ‘We’re so sorry people are upset, blah, blah, blah…’ to be followed by a weak as water excuse. One were you take responsibility for such behavior and language and say you expect BETTER out of the people who represent your company.

    Anybody else wanna dissect this letter and point out all the glaringly obvious gaffes? Because I just don’t have the energy to do it and i doubt I have the finesse of any of you blog writers her e on the subject.

    I could say a few things, but they wouldn’t be polite, to say the least.

  33. says


    DC Entertainment is proud that 25 percent of its Editorial team is comprised of wonderfully talented women.

    Because women are only 1/4 of the population, right?

  34. Patrick McGraw says


    Because women are only 1/4 of the population, right?

    I am again reminded of Chris Rock’s “What do you want, a cookie?” routine.

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