Sarah Palin — A Zombie Feminist of the RNC!!

Finally, someone else who understands that Palin desperately wants to eat my brains!!

Rebecca Traister at Salon has a great article up on this topsy turvy election, where she dissects the significance of Palin’s gender, and bemoans the lack o’ pants on the Democrats’ part for not being willing to take up the mantle of feminism.

Dear DNC —

Your ass is showing. A lot. Just wanted to let you know!

A concerned fan,


Dear RNC —





  1. Firebird says

    Being a feminist does not mean that I support any woman for any choice she makes just on the basis of her gender. I support her right to make those choices, but I reserve the right to disagree. Maybe the good ol’ boys network doesn’t understand this because the patriarchy is all about supporting people’s race and gender and class and what-not, rather than what they are actually saying or doing.

    So I can decide not to think Sarah Palin will be a good vice president and not be a hypocrite for calling myself a feminist. Thanks for posting the link to this article; I feel like now I can articulate it if this comes up in offline life!

    • Grizzy says

      Sarah Palin scares me for the same reason Barack Obama, John McCain, and Mitt Romney scare me: Each has the unfailing ability to take on extreme positions and pursue them without any thought to crafting reasonable, responsible policies. I vote Republican but I really, really hope that Hillary Clinton runs for President again. I would vote for her simply because she understands policy and policy-making like very few other politicians. Why do you think Obama made her Secretary of State? It was primarily an olive branch, but I’ll bet he or the DNC at large realized that none of the clowns in his “transition” team were up to the task.

      I would probably hate some of the policies that would come from President Hillary Clinton’s desk. I would have the comfort of knowing that those policies would be crafted in such a way to as to minimize unintended consequences from the minutiae of the policy.

      I cannot say the same thing of Sarah Palin.

  2. Shaun says

    Grizzy: Did you just use Barack Obama and extreme in the same sentence? Really? I’d be surprised if the man makes extreme cereal choices.

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