Scene That Could Have Been

I love watching deleted scenes, even for films I find disappointing. Apart from any other reason, at times, I come across a scene that would have improved the film dramatically had they been included: case in point, X-Men the Last Stand.

One of the scenes was an alternate version of the scene where Rogue returns to the school – but in this version, she hadn’t taken the cure. Briefly, she tells Iceman that she’s sorry, but this is her; he says, “Welcome home, Rogue,” and they (carefully) hug. The commentary for the scene said that the producers were torn on whether to have Rogue take the cure, so filmed them both – they eventually went with the version we saw, so as to suggest that the cure was not inherently bad, just the uses to which it could be put. I think that’s a fair point, but I also think it’s outweighed by others.

Rogue’s arc in the first two films was paltry, but in the first film her mutation is nothing but a curse to her, while in the second she finds ways to use it to advantage; the next logical step would have been to accept them. Similarly, while Anna Paquin sold me completely on Rogue taking the cure for herself – and Shawn Ashmore on Iceman not having wanted it – both have an “easy to say now” vibe about them. But the alternate scene: where the girl chooses to retain this part of herself, even though it’s hard, out of respect for her own identity; and where the boy respects her identity too, and doesn’t centre his love for her around his ability to get his leg over. What a wonderful expression of X-Men’s basic premise that could have been.

In a way, I’m more disappointed this was filmed and cut than if it had never been thought of at all.

P.S. There was also a scene where Storm took out about 40 bad guys in one go. That should have been in the film too.


  1. Sylvie says

    I’m more troubled by the fact that the Jean Grey/Dark Phoenix storyline – one of the most important story arcs in comic book history – is made into a mere addendum to Magneto’s power bid. That’s not Jean Grey’s story. And having fricking Wolverine run around and martial the troops and make inspirational speeches made me want to puke. Wolverine is an anti-social killing machine that the X-Men wind up and point at their enemies. He is not their leader. Storm was, though. For a long time. And did you notice the part where she was reduced to patting kids on the head and more or less serving milk and cookies?

  2. scarlett says

    I actually liked that Rogue was one of the X-men to take the cure, I could definitely see in her case that a cure was better then not being able to touch. SunlessNick makes some good points, but I’m more inclined to agree with Sylvie that the greater shame was done to Jean Grey and Storm. Oh, and Mystique. She went from a character you could empathise, if not agree, with, in the first two movies, to dispatched and doing the whole ‘woman scorned’ thing in the third.
    THIS is why I think if you can’t get the director back for the third movie, you shouldn’t do it. Singer had a decent vision for the X-Women, like Cameron did for the Terminator movies. Throw in a new director and you chuck it out the window for some inconsistant crap.

  3. SunlessNick says

    I focussed on Rogue because it was new to me, while the Jean Grey and Mystique debacles have seen press here and elsewhere.

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