She gets no respect.

NCIS again. In last Tuesday’s episode, Gibbs (team leader) ended up in a hostage situation, leaving Tony (guy on team longest) in charge of the situation. There came a time when a lead was brought up that he hadn’t thought of. He requested someone to assist him with the task and was told his boss already had it covered. Tony was confused; his boss was locked in a room, after all.

“No, no,” Ziva told him, “You’re forgetting the director (Madame {Pukey} Director).”

Now, if there’s anyone in the situation I should have been annoyed with, it should have been Tony for shortsightedly forgetting his female superior, but I wasn’t annoyed with him. I was annoyed with her for being such a drippy, non-authority authority figure that people forget she’s even around.

I can’t figure out if that makes ME messed up, or the writers of the show for creating such a waste of space female character who should, damnit, be strong and is instead cringeworthy.


  1. sbg says

    I’m not sure, to be honest. See, the other issue I have – the former director (male) did his job. This director (female) keeps butting in and doing work that her field agents should do. I can’t figure out why they’re playing it like this, other than I think she might still be trying to get on Gibbs’ good side. There’s that horrid backstory lurking (thank fuck the flashbacks of them in the sack stopped) that makes me think she has to get back in HIS good graces…when she’s the boss. None of that should matter to her. She should do her job. 😉

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