Short Skirt and Ample Bosom: Check. I’m Ready to Kick Some Ass!

I started the video game Haunting Ground this weekend with a couple of my buddies.   It’s one of those “˜explore and hide when in danger’ sort of games.   You play Fiona, a young girl who finds herself in a cage where she’ll be eaten”¦ or something possibly much worse.  

What does a girl do?   Well, first off, she needs to escape and then walk around in just a sheet that has several close-ups of places where the sheet doesn’t manage to cover.   I mean, you can’t not wake up in a sheet if you’re about to be eaten for dinner, right?   Extra work for the bad guys, you know.

Then you find yourself some clothes.   Or rather, they’re offered up to you so that you’ll be “˜comfortable’.   Yup, in a creepy mansion where people are trying to eat me or encase me as a zombie, I’m definitely comfortable in a mini skirt.   Even better than that is the very well known “˜breast jiggle’ that gamers have come to expect with their female heroines.

Considering how many times this girl falls on the floor and shoves herself across a room on her butt, breasts jiggling, the least you could do is give the poor woman some pants.   But then, maybe I’m not the audience that most game creators expect from a game like this.    


  1. scarlett says

    Yeah, at least in Alias, even when she was supposed to be scantily clad, Syd contrived to wear clothes which had legs 90% of the time – even if they were tiny shorts of figure-hugging pants :p

  2. ironheart says

    I think there’s also the possibility to make her change clothes when replaying the game (Perhaps you need to get some special stats to unlock those special clothing options.): I conincidentally watched a fan video on where she runs around with (really short) hotpants/bikini top or some kind of lingerie outfit. link

  3. Ifritah says

    Oh my, the spoilers! Ack! Good thing I have a bad memory!

    Ahem. Anyway, wow, there are… really no words for some of those outfits. It’s really sad that I’m now finding that skirt rather modest…

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