Sign a petition to get Judge Adams disbarred

There’s a petition (actually, there are several) calling for the disbarment of Judge Williams Adams, the family court judge who was filmed beating his disabled daughter. I have signed it, and I wanted to make all of you aware of its existence in case you would like to sign it, too.

I feel there is no question that this man has engaged in criminal behavior, despite being beyond criminal prosecution for it. I don’t want someone who engages in criminal behavior working in the legal system. It’s particularly appalling to have a child abuser sitting on a family court bench.


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    Dina Bow,

    Because he hasn’t even lost his job yet. Last I can find, he was suspended with pay. He’s being paid by the taxpayers what I imagine is a very decent salary. And despite the statutes of limitations protecting him, there’s no question he engaged in criminal behavior while hearing cases about the very same kind of behavior, so he needs to be disbarred. And he hasn’t been.

  2. Sophia says

    Is there someone we could write or make a phone call to? In my experience, online petitions don’t tend to be taken seriously by government officials, but I really want to see this awful man disbarred as well.

  3. Lika says

    Signed one of other petitions where I didn’t have to lie about being a U.S. citizen 😉 Thanks for pointing out the links. Has there been any news about him yet? I’ve checked Google and it doesn’t look like he’s been properly condemned in ANY way yet *sigh*

    The thing that gets me is he says, ““I really don’t want to get into this right now because as you can see my life’s been made very difficult over this child” which at the very least shows contempt and resentment towards his own child and TPTB at the legal systems aren’t concern that someone who is contemptuous and resentful of one’s own child is a judge working on cases that involve other children?

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    I’m not finding anything you haven’t found, sadly. I do remember reading that he was suspended with pay, and his visits with his younger daughter are supervised, but I haven’t heard of any permanent resolution.

    ITA about that statement. What also bugs me is something my mom drilled into me about parents we knew who threw their kids out onto the street or had them institutionalized: if you’ve raised a kid who’s behaving horribly, aren’t you at least partly responsible? He speaks as if “this child” was dropped off fully formed by aliens, and he has no idea how she came into his life.

    While children have the right to complain about how their parents behave, since they didn’t ask to be born and have no control over that, it doesn’t work both ways. That’s what a power dynamic is, and clearly this man doesn’t understand (or respect?) that.

  5. Nereverine says

    Perhaps this is an ignorant question, but will signing this petition actually get the bastard disbarred? I suppose it would have impact if the people are registered Texas voters, does other people’s opinions matter in a practical fashion here??

    ~From Russia with Love

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    My understanding is that there’s no direct consequence, but that petitions can be used to get attention and/or media coverage. Politicians and political figures generally don’t do the right thing unless they’re made aware that the public is paying attention to this specific case.

    For example, nobody official did jack shit about Trayvon Martin’s murder (Black child murdered by a neighbor for the crime of “looking suspicious”) until a month later, when the case had gotten enough publicity.

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