SIGNAL BOOST: Petition for personhood for women

JT posted this in comments the other day, but I think it’s worthy of a post for more attention: sign a petition to get a personhood amendment for women, since it seems not to be clear to some people that women are people. I really believe that some people see humanity as “men, who occasionally have to use these women accessories in order to propagate the species.” And when I wonder how we got to this point – where on earth people got the idea that men were superior to women in any way – there is only one answer. They are typically bigger and stronger.

You see, despite what we like to believe, we really aren’t that intelligent. We don’t use reason to come up with ideas other animals couldn’t. We use reason to rationalize the simplistic notions that come from our most primitive animal brains. Really, that’s pretty much a summation of civilization thus far: rationalizing our instinctive impulses.

Let’s stop basing notions of personhood based on the ability to overpower through violence. Let’s actually become what we think we are, already – let’s become civilized. Let’s start thinking logically and rationally instead of grabbing onto notions that “feel right” or “sound good” or “seem intuitive.” Let’s actually give that alleged superior intelligence a run for its money.

This, by the way, is why the most virulent bigots are usually also incredibly selfish. They fear the world will pass them by if intelligence and good sense are allowed to govern it. And it would, and they don’t care about humanity adapting and surviving: they just want theirs. If anyone deserves to be denied personhood, it’s people who are so selfish that they put their own comfort ahead of survival of the species. If we were dogs – and I don’t think we’re much more, really – we’d hound them out of the pack and let them try to survive on their own. Just something to think about.


  1. Fairfield says

    2012 and this is where we’re at. If there’s intelligent life out in the universe they must think that we’re the “Jersey Shore” species of the intergalactic community.

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