Some Yoga Wisdom from Becky Thompson

Becky Thompson drops some knowledge on yoga as a tool for healing. What she says about trauma particularly resonated with me.

“Trauma can not only make people afraid to look backward (afraid of what we might remember, feel again). It can also make looking forward seem scary too (worried that we might not have the skills, the companionship, the growth we will need in the future). This dual reality ironically keeps us perched in a limbo state disconnected from our past or future.”

What are you afraid to look forward to?

(The attached image is from the Moving Through Trauma program, designed by Street Yoga)


  1. goshawk says

    Going through my whole life without ever reaching my full potential. It sounds trite, but I want to die knowing I gave it my all, no matter what that “all” was or how long I got to give it. How terrible would it be to get to the end thinking, “no wait, I could’ve done better, I need another chance…!”

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