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Nourishing NYC takes a different approach to feeding those in need. Its thousands of volunteers farm the city, encourage supporters to buy local, and remain committed to the org’s slogan: “nutrition for all.

Its CEO, Gina Keatley, talks about creating a generation of healthy foodies here and here, and they recently received Charity of the Year from Stay Classy. Gina herself has incurred a great deal of personal debt in order to found Nourishing NYC, and often works for free so that the organization may flourish. Talk about dedication!

Because of their emphasis on urban farming and nutrition, they were featured in the Farm City NYC documentary, below.

Their Junior Chef program looks AMAZING…. and like pretty much every non-profit ever, they need YOUR HELP to continue offering programs like this to young people living in at-risk communities. Wanna donate?



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    You may have noticed there was a comment here until recently that raised concerns about the organization Maria spotlighted herein. First of all, I really, really encourage everyone to ask questions about charities. As with companies, they vary in effectiveness and do not all necessarily share your personal values.

    That said, the questions raised about this one were troubling and unfair, and contained several mistaken assumptions about the organization. We have deleted the comment (and the charity founder’s response), but will revisit this issue in more detail in a later post (or something).

  2. Maria says

    For future reference, the reasons the post violated our guidelines include:
    Don’t state your opinions as facts.
    Don’t attempt to dominate a conversation or demand replies from certain individuals because you think they owe you the discussion of your choice. They don’t.
    If your comment demonstrates you haven’t read the article and/or you’re creating straw arguments rather than addressing the points actually being made, your comment will not be posted (or will be deleted if you’re on auto-approve).

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    And also a couple of things not on our guidelines, which therefore fall under the “and also, we’ll delete anything we feel we need to” caveat:

    –Don’t assume a woman of color blogger hasn’t considered race issues before posting about a particular organization. For realz?
    –Don’t assume everyone in said organization is white and middle class unless they tell you otherwise. That’s just defaulting to cultural “norms.”

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