Stand By Your Man… So Long as He Stands by You

A while ago I wrote a piece about how I respected Julie Cooper from The OC much more then I did her daughter Marissa. But in the last episode I was paying close attention to Marissa’s best friend, Summer Roberts.

Yes, I know it’s a soap opera and the characters are often outrageous and over-the-top, not to mention often an embarrassment to women (and men). But occasionally soapdom gives us a reasonably complex, realistic character and I think Summer is one of them.

Summer loves her boyfriend, Seth Cohen. But Seth is pretty awkward when it comes to women so from time to time he makes incredible faux pas; like failing to tell Summer that he didn’t actually go to his university interview because he was stoned. And when this happens, she kicks his ass, and makes him aware that he’s damn lucky to be dating an intelligent, vivacious young woman such as her.

And guess what? Seth immediately realises that hey, he is damn lucky to be dating an intelligent, vivacious young woman such as Summer and he’d better show that he appreciates her. No, who does this woman think she is? No, I’m a man so by default I can do better if this bitch shows me lip. No, just I’m damn lucky to be dating an intelligent, vivacious young woman, so I’d better show her some respect.

Summer loves Seth, and she gives him a lot of leeway. She recognises that he’s not too good with women, and knows a loving gesture when she sees it, no matter how geeky or awkward it may be. But she won’t tolerate it when he takes her for granted. She won’t tolerate lying, cheating, or treating her as less then his equal. She’ll kick his ass if he tries. Sure, she stands by her man”¦ but only so long as her man stands by her.

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