Stargate: SG1: Ripple Effect

The s9 episode of Stargate: SG1, Ripple Effect had me particularly up in arms over the everyone-loves-Carter action going on.

To recap, five years ago, Carter’s interplanetary quasi-boyfriend Martouf died in a hail of bullets because he had been brainwashed into betraying them. He turns up in the present day through a glitch in the separation between parallel universes as part of an alternate team from an alternate earth.

Needless to say, Carter’s shocked to see him. They fill each other in on what paths their lives have taken; in Martouf’s universe, he and Carter went on to enjoy a long relationship before she married someone else. In Carter’s world, nothing happened, although there was a lot of hinting towards it.

It doesn’t take long before things get very cosy, and an almost-kiss is broken up by another late SGC member, Janet Fraser.

I totally didn’t buy that these two different universe people would instantly fall for one another. They both understand that they are not ‘each other’s’ Sam and Martouf; they often make reference to ‘your Sam’ or ‘your Martouf’. Personally, I would have found it more creepy – or at least unnerving – then romantic that my former lover/late love interest had re-entered my life via a double from another universe.

Not for Carter. ‘Coz, you see, everyone loves Carter, men fall for her instantly, WHETHER it be this universe or another.

And apparently Carter has no qualms about getting involved with the double of a man who died in her arms. To me, the whole thing smacked of TPTB wanting to show us how desirable Carter was – at the expense of whatever caution and common sense she might have.


  1. says

    To me, the whole thing smacked of TPTB wanting to show us how desirable Carter was

    Desireable, but not attainable! Far be it for Carter to have any solid relationships with likable characters that don’t fall under “tell, not show” or “almost-kiss, almost-date, but not quite”. ._.

    I really liked Carter because she was a short haired, self-reliant, intelligent scientist. But dear gods did I hate how they handled her love-life. It was just pathetic.

  2. Jennifer Kesler says

    Ditto. I also liked her because she was a geek with hit-or-miss social skills. And a competent soldier as well as scientist. I could even have handled the idea that despite all this, she was mentally fourteen when it came to romance – some people are.

    But it was so clear the writers thought she was The Perfect Woman… especially when she acted fourteen. Scary.

  3. Jennifer Kesler says

    TPTB = “The Powers That Be”. Meaning, whoever was responsible for how the show turned out (producers, studio, writers?) since we rarely know for sure who contributed what.

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