Stop yelling. I can’t help you if you are yelling.

You know what? Stories like this make me physically sick. Here, you have a woman being chased by a man. She’s begging for help, and is pretty clear what that help would need to be. She needs an address and for someone to meet her there.

She’s got a vaguely Spanish accent. She’s speaking clearly. The dispatcher insists he can’t understand her. Three minutes later, she’s dead, and no one has helped her.

Some headlines described Kerr Day’s murderer as a jilted lover. Others describe her death as the result of a lover’s quarrel. How can someone write that? He was her stalker and her murderer. If she hadn’t lured him out of the house, he’d’ve killed her and her children. They’d only spoken a few times — and her actual boyfriend was at the house! Does that sound like a jilted lover? A lover’s tiff?

No. It sounds like a crazy man planning to kill a brave woman… who’s then not helped by the police.

And people wonder why women of color don’t always trust the police.


  1. Jennifer Kesler says

    I want to inform our readers that, this being the internet, I can neither confirm nor deny that the commenter calling himself “Edward Kerr” is who he claims to be. However, I find his claim plausible and therefore have chosen to take him at face value.

    Edward, first, my condolences to you and your family on your loss. Second, none of your comment is off topic. What you describe further elucidates Olidia Kerr Day’s heroism not only in luring him away from others, but in so rapidly crafting a plan that should have saved her life as well, and brought a dangerous man right into the arms of the police.

  2. SunlessNick says

    Some headlines described Kerr Day’s murderer as a jilted lover. Others describe her death as the result of a lover’s quarrel.

    Because some journalists just can’t cope with a crime like this without wanting a woman to share the blame.

    Edward: I am sorry for your loss; what happened is not your fault.

  3. Edward Kerr says

    I am Olidia Kerr Day’s son and not only was my mother brave enough to lead him out of the house to protect us but had the intelligence and foresight you might expect from someone with many years of training to know that had she relied on me to help her when I could have and told me the truth about what was happening I would have done something brash and stupid resulting in the slaughter of my two younger sisters who have so much to live for.

    I will never forgive myself for not being smarter and picking up on this for what it really was but I can assure you while the rest of the world was taking its sweet time to catch on my mother had planned and executed the perfect escape plan with two catches. 1) Her car when I got it back was on empty thus requiring the chase to end at some pt soon. 2) The police dispatcher in this case failed to act as if this was an emergency.

    Nothing can ever take away what our family feels and nothing can bring justice to this senseless murder but maybe the next time a frantic woman calls 911 she will be taken seriously by the dispatcher on the other end. Maybe.

    I have to clarify some things to people because alot of people don’t understand the circumstances.

    This man was not a complete stranger as he had done some work on a plumbing problem that I had a hard time fixing myself (to this day its still problematic) and when he came to the door he shook my hand and greeted me politely. Not once in this encounter did things seem odd until he slammed the door to my mother’s room while i was in the kitchen HOWEVER my mother quickly diffused my suspicions by assuring me nothing was wrong. I am her son, not her father and when my mother tells me everything is OK to please leave her alone I do it (especially when I have no reason to believe what ended up happening was going to). So as she left the house things in my and my sister’s eyes was normal and it wasn’t till SWAT was at our house that we realized things were anything but.

    To Commentators:
    My apologies for this post as I know some of it is off topic but I am beating myself up enough over what really did happen and before people start commenting and blaming me for things based on false assumptions I wanted to dole out the facts (as they did on every other story about my mom). Bottom line I love my mother and she knew that. Her whole life I was standing not between her and danger but side by side with her when times got rough and If I had my way she wouldn’t have died at all or she wouldn’t have died alone.

    On a side note thank you for all the positive things you said and will say about my mother as now all that’s left of her is a legacy of people and words.

  4. says

    No, it’s only the murderer’s fault. And those who in the old saying, “stood idly by the blood of their neighbor.”

    And – I only heard this secondhand, but I know and trust both the sources in this – a young acquaintance whose family is Latin-American but who was born here and raised here his whole life, who doesn’t actually know any Spanish, went to apply for a job not too long ago. He asked for the application in English with a slight Boston-area accent – and the clerk looked at him and said “I don’t speak Spanish.”

    Neither racism nor sexism are “over.” And yet there are no War Memorials, no walls of names for our dead.

  5. meerkat says

    My God, that is despicable! The police chief who defended the call taker needs to be fired immediately. As for the call taker, losing their job would be getting off light for betraying this woman to her death. Appalling.

  6. Edward Kerr says

    I can’t help but make the time to comment on posts like these which honor my mother’s memory either directly or by trying to use it to make the world a better place (she would have done the same). Without getting too personal I would like to say that I know that there are alot of good cops out there even in the plantation PD that would have helped my mother had they been given the chance but never had the chance because after 3 minutes on the phone with my mother the first dispatch doesn’t occur until those dreaded words are uttered on the 911 tapes, ‘SHOTS FIRED’. Yes, the dispatcher only dispatches when my mother is dead on the ground so close to the actual dispatcher she can hear the fatal shots.

    It sickens me to think about it and it gives me nightmares to hear and see it but I endure because without the pain reminding me this may one day die down and I refuse to let that happen until things are made right. The special done on 20/20, the mini-stories on the major news networks and the numerous articles both online and in the papers has people interested now we have to find something to focus that interest into.

    This country is in turmoil right now and its easy to forget about safety, justice, and freedom when jobs are scarce and panic rules the media but we can’t let our rights as tax payers be trampled on; we deserve to be heard.

  7. ReiTama says

    The very disgusting thing is that the dispatcher may not be fired; the police are usually pretty desperate to hire people for those positions, because of the high drop-out rate for the position. Unless there is a lot of press for an issue like this, the person may not even get a slap on the wrist; so it’s great that this article has been posted.

    Edward: I’m sorry for your loss and for what your family is going through, our thoughts are with you. I hope that your mother’s murderer is apprehended before he hurts anyone else.

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