I notice cell phone provider commercials, find some of them amusing, but mostly don’t give them much thought. I don’t own a cell phone and really don’t plan on owning one in the near future. There is one commercial, however, that has always bothered me.

T Mobile’s Annoying Brother “Who’s in your five?” commercial.

In it, a family are eating dinner and making small talk. The mom asks if the kids have set up their “five” yet, and the teenage daughter lists five of her friends. After she’s done, the brother lists the same five girls, because “your friends are so hot.” The girl is obviously annoyed by this and asks her parents for some support.

What she gets is a very dry, “Maybe you should have uglier friends.”

That’s the parental solution (spoken by the father, the mother just mildly nods in agreement – also a problem if you ask me). Not to tell the brother his behavior, because it was upsetting the sister at the VERY least, was inappropriate. Nope. It was to basically side with him and make the girl totally and utterly powerless. It even suggests that she’s actually to blame for her brother’s skeezy behavior.

That is just all kinds of wrong.

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