The following review will contain spoilers for the TV show Nikita on the CW. I love Nikita even though I was sure I would hate it. Nikita is a show based on a show based on a film based… well, let’s just say, we’ve seen this before. Even Alias sort of did the same story, […]

Character Study: Lou from ‘Young Riders’


Twenty-one years after her debut, Louise McCloud – better known as “Lou” – from Young Riders remains one of my all-time favorite fictional characters. Note I didn’t say “female fictional characters.” Characterization on Young Riders was above average at the worst of times, so naturally Lou just plain rocked. The basics: Lou passes herself off […]

Young Riders, 21 years later

It’s hard to believe Young Riders debuted twenty-one years ago. Re-watching the show now, it strikes me as better than at least ninety-nine percent of the TV shows that have come since. Back in 2006, when I reviewed a single episode called Hard Time, I said the series deserved a full series of articles. Now […]

Heroes: Steps Forward and Back

**SPOILERS for Heroes season 3** Heroes season 3 has just started in the UK (3 episodes in).  Purtek has written before about its issues with female characters in her articles Heroes: Do Better and Heroes Season 2: You can still do better; the third season has kicked off with a couple of half-steps forward but some big steps […]

The trainwreck that was Robin Hood Series Two

This review will contain spoilers through the end of Robin Hood Series Two. Let me state for the record: the artistic problems with Robin Hood – Season 2 are too numerous and hilarious for a mere sidenote in a review that focuses on how the series treated its female characters. It’s a show that doesn’t […]

Burn Notice’s Fiona kicks ass

I love Burn Notice. I love the style of it, with Michael’s dry narration, often over a frozen snapshot of the action scene, making us his confidant. I love Sharon Gless playing a real piece-of-work mother in deep denial about the abuse Michael’s father put him and his brother through. I love Bruce Campbell as […]

Justice League: Hawkgirl (Major Season 2 Spoilers)

Hawkgirl, a.k.a. Shayera Hol, is my favorite character on Justice League. Why can be summed up with two quotes: When a team she’s leading runs into Lex Luthor and company: We going to do this the hard way, Lex? Please say yes. Another time, Vixen gives her advice on dealing with a subordinate: Vixen: Men […]