Chuck: Fantasy products

Having watched the first couple of episodes of Chuck, for the most part, I’m pretty impressed. It’s a fun show, with a neat concept–the basic premise of it is that a supremely regular guy, a somewhat underachieving geek, suddenly finds himself in possession of all of the state secrets anyone could ever want. It’s an […]

Sydney Bristow’s just too damn nice to be a spy

I’ve been overdosing on spy shows lately. This caused an unconscious pet peeve with Alias to finally rise to the surface: there’s just no way someone as nice and happy and sweet and kind and loved by friends as Sydney Bristow would choose to be a spy. Spies are messed-up people. From James Bond to […]

Burn Notice: Fiona

Burn Notice is a fun show about spies. It features two women: Fiona (Gabrielle Anwar) and Madeline (Sharon Gless). As per usual, they exist only to orbit our usual White Male Lead as his love interest and mommy, respectively. Now, both of them are potentially interesting characters. Fiona likes to blow things up, which sounds […]

BBC’s Robin Hood: Djaq

Last week, I spoke briefly about Robin Hood’s Marian. This week, I’ll touch just as briefly on the other female character in the ensemble: Djaq (sounds like Jack). When we first meet Djaq, we are to believe she’s a boy. She’s being held prisoner by the Sheriff along with other Saracen men, and they’re all […]

BBC’s Robin Hood: Marian

For those who plan to watch the show, please note there are spoilers for series one in the post and comments that follow… I’m a bit late in the game on this one, but to be fair Robin Hood aired in the States quite a bit later than it originally played in the UK. I […]

Heroes: Candice

This isn’t really much of a post, sorry. Was anyone else really disappointed to learn what Candice’s (the one on Linderman’s payroll who can make people see whatever she wants them to see) motivation was? It’s not ignoble to want people of all shapes and sizes to be treated fairly, of course, but I dunno. […]

Heroes: Do better

I find it exceptionally painful when a show that is brilliant in every other way, and that I really, really love, fails miserably on the presentation of women characters. And everything about Heroes just keeps getting better and better, with that one glaring exception. First, it’s worth noting that there are only two female “heroes” […]