24 – Learning from mistakes

I just finished watching the first three seasons of 24, with an eye toward how it presented women. What I found was interesting: it started out sucky, and ended on a bit of a high note. The first season was very old-school. Every plot, every nuance, every moment was completely predictable to someone who’s watched […]

Xena: Making Men Incidental

I warned you guys a Xena article might be next, and here it is. LadyKate posted in the forum here recently a link to an article she wrote for Salon.com on why Xena really needs to be recognized as an innovation in the portrayal of women in TV. It’s great reading, and it got me […]

Xena in Love (Still Kicks Ass)

I just watched an episode of Xena last night called “A Comedy of Eros”. People are being shot by Cupid’s arrows randomly left and right, and falling in love with whoever they next see. Naturally, this leads to some funny love triangles among people who normally can’t stand one another. The main tension point of […]

Xena: Revolutions From No-Man’s Land

When Xena: Warrior Princess debuted in 1995, a spin-off from Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, I doubt anyone in the industry expected a five-year-run. More importantly, I doubt they expected it to influence TV as much as it did. Both shows tapped into something audiences didn’t know they wanted to see until they saw it: irreverent, […]

Joanna Lumley – Role after Role

One of the less common answers to the question, “Who’s your favorite actress?” is probably “Joanna Lumley.” In fact, in the U.S., the follow-up question is likely to be, “Who?” She’s one of those actresses you know you’ve seen in something. She impressed me when I first saw her as Patsy Stone in the British […]

Cathy Gale, Emma Peel, and… Samantha Carter

Yes, only I would think to compare and contrast these three characters. 😀 If you don’t know, let me explain who we’re talking about. Cathy Gale was the original female lead from the British hit action series The Avengers. Many people don’t even seem to be aware there was a character that Emma Peel replaced, […]