Actually, All She Wants For Xmas Are Diamonds

Or maybe a luxury vehicle. I jumped to conclusions last week about what “she” wanted for Christmas, apparently. What she truly wants, and what men want to give so they don’t have to say “I love you”, is a diamond necklace. Maybe a bracelet, a ring,  or possibly earrings. Doesn’t matter what article of jewelry, […]

Geico on blind privilege

Even though it’s just intended for humor, Geico is making a point about blind privilege in its Caveman ads.   The commercials are about an imaginary ad campaign in which Geico claims their service is “so easy to use, a caveman could do it”.   But this ad-within-the-ad is seen through the eyes of a […]

How eHarmony Appeals to the Male Gaze

Online dating service eHarmony is not exactly known for pushing the envelope in its ad campaigns. The testimonial style commercials – featuring happy couples who met through the service – carefully avoid showing interracial couples or any individual with any accent Americans would regard as “foreign”. One happy male member of a couple tells the […]

Best Buy for Her: A computer

I just caught the end of a Best Buy commercial which seemed to be telling young husbands that a great gift for the wife would be a computer.   Has anyone else seen this? Most commercials about buying gifts for women during the holiday season lean toward diamonds and jewelry and clothing – typical female […]

Mac: Don’t Think Different

I had just switched from ten years with Mac to PCs when the new barrage of annoying ads came out. You know, the ones where the beatnik guy represents all the cool stuff Macs can do, while the button-down guy represents the spreadsheets that’s all PCs can do (pretty ironic, considering the most common reason […]


Dove Evolution is an advertisement I was pointed toward by a good friend of mine.   If it weren’t for my skin having negative reactions to Dove products, I believe this would be enough to cause me to switch brands. I  considered describing the advertisement for those not interested in clicking the link, but I […]