Mazda gets that women buy cars

I just saw a Mazda commercial in which two guys are standing in front of parked cars and talking. One tries to convince the other you can tell a lot about a car’s owner from the car, and points out a hot red Mazda sportscar with leather seats and other cool features, and says, “This […]

Just keep your Secret, okay?

Secret – some brand of antiperspirant that’s claimed for years to be “ph balanced for women” – has launched a new ad campaign in which women share their secrets. The website [since removed] claims: Look into the souls of strong women, whose candid secrets reflect their character – flaws, frailties, intelligence, nerve and wit. Curiously, […]

Flavored Water Makes You Beautiful

Some time ago, I gave a positive review for Dove’s ad campaigns. It seems I wasn’t the only one struck by them. Crystal Light (aka adult, sugar-free Kool Aid) has started running campaigns filled with a diverse mix of women, all espousing the benefit of drinking eight glasses of water a day. Oh, wait, let […]

Natural Male Enhancement

I had hoped equality in beauty standards would come in the form of people deciding plastic surgery was more gross than a woman having wrinkles or smaller breasts than a porn diva. A great mind-opening would follow, and suddenly people would realize that all sorts of body types can be beautiful, in both women and […]

NutriSystem for men

There’s a new commercial for NutriSystem FOR MEN! which makes for a very interesting side-by-side comparison with the ones for women. The most striking difference is the main product benefit highlighted for each gender: NutriSystem makes women feel so much better about themselves, but it makes men have an “excellent sex life!” Over and over, […]

It Does a Body Good

Past milk advertisements have been catchy and universal. Milk: It Does A Body Good; Got Milk? and so on. I’ve noticed the latest batch of trends are trying to capitalize on the (I think unproven) claim that eating dairy products can help boost metabolism and/or help you shed pounds. This is fine and makes sense […]

Mr. Clean is a lonely guy

I think it would be lovely if cleaning-product companies started diversifying their ads a bit. I mean, how many guys do you know who both purchase and (insert gasp here) use bathroom, kitchen and other household cleaning products? Lots. And yet the marketing is almost ALL geared to show the little woman cleaning up the […]