Anybody seen this commercial?

I read about this Miller Lite commercial at Pandagon [original post removed: see this one instead] and wondered if anyone else has seen it: The entire fake debate about sticking your thumb in the bottle was just an excuse for the next part of the commercial where it was smugly agreed upon that, and I […]

Just Be Happy

A while ago, Jennifer wrote an article on the crappiness of Guess jeans and their ad format. I’m a media/mass communications student, and I’ve often had discussions with people over what would happen if the dominating product in any market would maintain its position if they stopped advertising. Are McDonald’s burgers so superior to Burger […]

Kraft, welcome to my Shit List

Kraft’s Philadelphia Cream Cheese has won itself a special place on my shit list for a commercial I saw recently.   The end of the commercial featured two female angels.   One commented that some third female angel looked great lately.   The other explained that the angel in question had had a “wing tuck”, […]

When Dove Cries

It’s not often that you see an advertisement for a beauty product line that dares you to defy the definition of conventional beauty. Companies like Loreal and Revlon are very happy to embrace such vapid campaign slogans as “Because you’re worth it!” or marketing techniques highlight the mystique of their stunning spokesmodels (Halle Berry). There’s […]