Midweek Media: Rule the Air

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8C8MlhGNV3c The ad shows a gamut of young women, mostly mid to late teens, in various shapes, shades, sizes and settings. They all speak toward the camera, each delivering portions of this message: “Air has no prejudice. It does not carry the opinions of a man faster than those of a woman. It does not […]

Midweek Media: You’re in Misogynist Hands, With Allstate

Some background: Allstate Insurance has a newish ad campaign which features a scruffy-looking, bruised and unshaven white man in a rumbled dark suit as a character named “Mayhem”. For all intents and purposes, he embodies all those random things that can and do happen to car owners – accidents, a tree branch falling, what have […]

Midweek Media: Best Buy’s “Get a Geek”

This one’s been on our radar, but was also prompted by a note from Spartakos. The commercial opens up with a Best Buy salesman with two customers, a woman and a teenaged boy. They stand in the laptop section. We see various models, and also a yellow sign that reads: Buy a Laptop, Get a […]

Ugh, Carl’s Jr.

Until very recently, I was spared having Carl’s Jr. ads pop up on my television during commercial breaks. Even knowing them to be notoriously gross and filled with “meat and female objectification are pretty much the same thing” messages (yes, I know there’s probably an easier way to say that), I didn’t quite realize how […]

Midweek Media: Nike Air Commercial

Welcome to Midweek Media! New name, same column. Except on Wednesdays instead of Mondays. See what we did there? This week’s media is a lengthy commercial that Nike is promoting on YouTube. Because it is long, the transcript this week is going to be slightly less complete than usual, focusing mostly on the dialogue and […]