Nivea will make that cellulite disappear!

Nearly a year ago, Jenn posted about a Nivea commercial for men’s body wash as an example of decent marketing. And it was – I still enjoy that commercial. Lest we give Nivea a free pass, though, I have to say that their marketing for women’s product is slightly problematic for me. Case in point: […]

I Need a Drink

Ah, those words spoken by people who are stressed out: I need a drink. That’s been me, in a nutshell, all summer so far. My drink of choice tends to be a vodka lemonade or vodka sour. Want to know which brand I won’t be drinking? This one: Want to know why? Because I am […]

Jack in the Box: Satirizing Menopause?

I hesitated to post about this one, because it’s Very Obvious what’s wrong with it. I’m like a goldfish smacking into the bowl, I guess, because I continue to ponder why most fast food commercial ads are so atrocious. Take this one from Jack in the Box: I just … words again mostly fail me. […]

Open Thread: Godaddy commercials

I have to be honest: I’ve been a webmaster for years, have owned a number of domains, and I would never ever consider registering a domain with Godaddy after my one and only experience dealing with them. I found them to be completely fraudulent digi-thugs, and I’m not the only one. Therefore, I’m predisposed to […]

Arby’s Cherry Pie Commerial

I know you’ll know what I think about this ad without me having to say much at all: 1) Warrant’s Cherry Pie is a yucky song. Catchy? Sure. But I really don’t dig the innuendo and never have. 2) Look, hot woman hitting on some greasy schlub of a guy. We’ve never seen that before. […]

Shave Your Legs, Or The World Will Be Destroyed

This is a follow-up of sorts to the Mow the Lawn post because it’s the same company’s advert. I would’ve remained blissfully ignorant of it, but for Rhiannon Problematising Stuff linking back here. She pointed out several other blogs posting about this: Now that is some hardcore shaming. Apparently a woman has to have perfectly […]

Fling: Chocolate for women?

Mars has just launched a new product–the company’s first new candy bar in fifty years–and, perusing their marketing material, I’m startled by how closely it resembles the Baked Lays/Good Earth/SmartFood “only in a woman’s world” debacle we discussed a few weeks ago. The new treat, Fling, is being billed as “chocolate for women,” because it’s […]