Battle of the Zombie Anthologies

Short stories about zombies/survivors get right to the point, they don’t dally (if it’s written well) and the writer has fewer chances to screw things up. The Living Dead anthology (1 & 2) are both excellent, and editor John Joseph Adams manages to do what some other anthology editors don’t do: he infuses his anthology with tons of stories written […]

Mummies, Zombies, Ghosts & Romance (ohmy!)

 Three book reviews here, in no particular order. All of them incorporate romance and the supernatural and/or modern scientific monsters. Immortal by Gillian Shields- This is a YA supernatural romance in the gothic tradition. Evie Johnson’s mother is dead, her grandmother is in a nursing home, and she’s been handed over to a boarding school because […]

Stephanie Rowe — Chill

Like, seriously, whoever recommended this book to me needs a good punch in the face. I’m serious. Everyone’s got a tortured past and a damn doctorate. WTF. Okay. Okay. Let me silence my annoyance long enough to summarize this thing. Okay. So, Isabella Kopas is a nice white girl (with a doctorate in what the […]

Robert VS Redick: Revealed!

Redick at the Forbidden Planet book signing in San Francisco

Robert VS Redick burst onto the scene last year, with the amazing Red Wolf Conspiracy. An equally awesome sequel, The Rats and the Ruling Sea, and an elaborate, world-building website promise that this rising star is more than just a comet. He’s here to stay, promising to shed a new light on a sometimes stagnant genre. I’m a big fan […]

The Human Disguise — James O’Neal

This book sucked. I hate to say that — I normally try to find at least SOMETHING nice to say — but seriously, this was just… not very good. On a basic level, the writing is clunky, the sentence structure disjointed and repetitive, and the author generally relies on the passive voice and on stock […]

Anno Dracula — Kim Newman

Newman’s Anno Dracula rocks. The premise is pretty simple — what would the world be like if Dracula conquered England? Vampires across the world would be forced out of hiding as the Prince of Wallachia conquered the hearts and minds of the English Empire. (ETA: I should’ve typed “British” there. :P) Dr. Jekyll and Dr. […]

The Edge of Reason — Melissa Snodgrass

The Edge of Reason is an intriguingly conceived, vaguely Lovecraftian novel about the battle for the soul of humanity. Richard is one of the few good cops in New Mexico. He’s also trying to overcome memories of rape, his conflicted feelings about his sexuality, and the legacy of his mother’s madness. Needless to say, he’s […]